Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Some babies cry more then others and you may feel at times you've got the most exhausting baby on the planet.  When your a new mom or dad, listening to your baby cry and not having answers is extremely tough.  It's tough mentally and physically.  So why do babies cry?

1.  They Are Hungry

An infant learns that in order to get food, they must cry.  The trouble you may find is the more they cry, the more they get worked up and have a hard time taking a bottle or breast.  When your baby starts to cry, offer he/she food as quickly as you can before she gets too worked up.

2.  Wet Diaper

Some babies are more sensitive then others to wet diapers.  For some, it really bothers them! Others, they can easily sleep a whole night without a care in the world.  We personally have had one of each!  Change diapers quick and be sure to use quality, adsorbent diapers that will keep your baby dry.  We recommend Honest Diapers.  Besides the fact there are so many cute patterns all year around, they are chemical and bleach free.  Babies have extremely sensitive skin and you might find that "diaper rash" is actually from the chemicals in many brand name brand diapers.  

3.  Colic

Colic is typically present from 1-6 months of age.  Many will describe colic as chronic crying without reason but it is actually extreme gas pains.  Because babies cannot burp on their own and they spend their lives on their backs with gravity not facing the right direction, they have a heck of a time ridding gas.  Colic is 100% preventable.  First check your formula, or what your consuming (if breastfeeding), it is a fact that most humans do not digest lactose from cows very well.  Even lactose in breastmilk can be the cause of many babies becoming colicky.  Try a European Formula as they are easier to digest if you are formula feeding.  Also be sure you are using a quality anti-colic bottle such as Comotomo.  If you are breast feeding, be sure to analyze your diet and read a few books on how to make your breast milk less allergenic.

4.  Attention

With little newborns, they have zero concept of crying to get your attention just because they feel like it.  Instead, think of it this way, this little bundle of joy has just spent 9 months in a cozy, warm, bath and all of a sudden, she's in this loud, cold world and the most comfortable thing she knows is you.  Babies LOVE to be swaddled when they are younger, it gives them security.  Ever seen a baby sleeping and randomly fly her arms up in the air?  Then 30 seconds later she's awake and crying her eyes out?  Swaddling prevent this and keeps your baby comforted.  Luckily these days there are swaddles out there that are super easy to put one on.  A new brand thats super popular is Love To Dream, the swaddle keeps your baby fully comforted but able to keep her arms at her sides like a baby would naturally do.  The most commonly used swaddles are those that velcro in the front such as the Halo Sleep Sack

5.  Gas

Every tiny human gets gas.  As talked about above, colic is a extreme gas pain.  With regular gas, you can easily help your baby pass it.  Be sure to burp him frequently between feedings, feed him in a upright position and if you feel the gas is becoming too frequently painful, there is always some terrific homeopathic tablets/drops that work stellar for gas pains such as Little Remedies Gas Relief.  There are also some wonderful swings that have a side to side motion that seem to always have helped with my kids and their frequent gas pains such as the 4Moms Mammaroo.

6.  Acid Reflux

If your baby cries while feeding, she may be experiencing acid reflux.  She will also have a more frequent spit up & often times projectile vomiting.  The good news is, its very common and babies generally get over it by 6 months of age or when they are sitting up alone.  Until that time, some doctors recommend medications ( we personally never went this route due to personal preferences), a Anti Reflux formula (its heavier then other formulas) and sitting your baby up while feeding in some sort of chair such as a Bouncer.  (A word of caution, babies have passed away in bouncers because they were not strapped in and crush their wind pipes, please strap your baby in and watch her carefully! ) After a feeding, be sure your baby isn't jolted or moved too quickly and if you burp him, do it "gently" so you do not cause the formula to come back up.

7.  Tired

It's a silly concept to cry when your tired but babies do it!  Be sure to keep an eye on your baby and see how tired she's getting while enjoying the day out or while friends are passing him around to love on.  Newborns spend most of their days sleeping, believe it or not, its one of the easiest times in the first year!  Be sure your baby is getting a good nights rest on a comfortable mattress, one thats too hard or too soft may keep your baby up at night.  A good one we recommend is Graco Foam Mattress.  

8.  Too Hot/ Too Cold

Babies are super sensitive to temperature.  You may feel the need to wrap your baby up with a dozen blankets but remember, she cannot regulate her body temperature well at this age, so they are super prone to overheating.  Babies will also get cold quickly.  So how does one solve this issue?  What does the temperature feel like to you? If you are cold, chances are your baby is much colder.  If you are hot, your baby is probably boiling.  Always think about how it feels to you and increase or decrease that feeling to adjust to your baby.  Keep your baby in cotton clothing for better heat regulation and use swaddles that are thinner materials (not heavy fleece).  I would recommended dressing your baby in a footed onesie as it will keep her feet warm but yet regulate temperature better.  

9.  Not Feeling Good

Be sure to keep a thermometer handy at all times for your baby.  Your baby should be 97-100.3 (keep note of what temperature he is normally).  If your baby is outside of this range, she's got a fever.  Call your doctor.  

10.  Too Loud Too Quiet

Some infants like as much noise as they can get, others don't sleep well with it.  The best thing you can do to solve this problem is a white noise such as a a Baby Shusher.  A consistent sound is extremely soothing to a baby and reminds her of the sounds of the womb.  


Always chat to your doctor if your baby seems to be crying excessively and doesn't seem well.  


How To Lose Baby Weight Fast!

I had always struggled with weight my entire life but when I got pregnant with our first child, I had gained 35lbs.  Then with out second child, I gained another 40lbs.  When all was said and done, I was 60lbs overweight.  With the stress of kids and work, losing weight seemed beyond reach.  I decided when our daughter was almost 2, that I needed to drop this weight now or I would never ever lose it.  

My husband Cameron and I decided to go with the ideal protein plan.  To our surprise, it was a extremely expensive program but it worked!  Cameron lost 70lbs and I lost 55lbs.  We both got to our ideal weights within 4 months.  

In this blog, I will share some products with you that are similar to Ideal Protein products (which are about $5 per meal) and tell you how we managed to lose that weight in such a short period of time. 

One of the key factors that helped us lose weight was our ideal protein coach Dr. Lund.  He kept us accountable as we checked in weekly, helped us overcome small snags like how to eat on vacation and still lose weight, how to work around family & friends dinner plans and basically how to stay on track.  So that is one benefit of having a coach with ideal protein.  Ideal protein between the two of us was $1000 a month, that included our protein meals 3x's per day.  I will give you options for doing the diet without joining Ideal Protein.  But we highly recommended grabbing a friend (or a husband/wife) to join you in the journey so you can hold each other accountable.

What Exactly Is the Diet?

This is a form of keto.  You are eating protein, hardly any carbs or sugar, and in effect you are putting your body into a "fat burning mode" 24/7.   You are also consuming a very small amount of calories per day, which is why the protein factor is so important.  Your body will learn to use protein for fuel instead of the carbohydrates that it's used to using.  Protein is a better energy source as its stable energy unlike carbohydrates which will raise your blood sugar and send you on a roller coaster.  During this diet, you can't cheat, or you won't lose weight it's that simple, easier said then done i'm afraid but if you stick to it, have a friend keep you accountable, you will succeed.  

What Is The Plan?

  • Eat 3 protein bars (see what we suggest below) a day (breakfast, lunch & snack after dinner)
  • Eat a salad for lunch ( use a salad dressing as suggested below)
  • Eat dinner with 8oz of protein with 2 cups of vegetable
  • Drink 64 oz of plain water per day
  • No diet drinks, limit your sparkling water to 1 per day
  • No fruit
  • No Nuts (too many calories per handful)
  • No cheese (too many calories per square inch)
  • Do not eat anything besides the protein bars and suggested vegetables
  • No beans/lentils

Here is a sample of the actual Ideal Protein phase one plan:


What Are Some Good Protein Food Bars/Drinks?

Guidlines (If looking in the grocery store look for these specifics)

Per Serving (look for single servings)

Calories: 100-190
Fat: 1-6g
Sodium: Less then 200mg
Total Carbohydrates: 12-15g
Sugars: Less then 4g
Protein: 15-18g

Please remember! Not all protein bars should be treated equally, many have high sugar and high carb content; not to mention a ton of calories.  We have carefully selected these products as being closest to the Ideal Protein Products (there wasn't too many!)

Robert Irvine FITCRUNCH


Detour Whey Protein Bar Peanut Butter
Eat as your one a day snack bar- higher carbs)

Wonder Slim Low Carb Protein Bar-Fluffy Nutter

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chip

Protidiet Peanut Surprise High Protein Bar


ProtiWise Chocolate Soy Snacks


What Should I Use For Salad Dressing?

For your lunch salad or evening vegetables, you will want to use a dressing for your salad of course.  Salad dressing are notorious for being loaded with sugar.  The best type would be a vinaigrette or balsamic.  Here are a few we recommend:

Yo Mama's Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette

Simple Girl Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette

What Vitamins Do I Need To Take?

Vitamins are important! Your body will be de-toxifying and you will need to restore it with healthy vitamins/minerals

Multi- Vitamin 
Calcium/Magnesium/Zinic & Vitamin D Supplement
Omega 3

Please remember, we are not doctors and before starting any weight loss plan, you must consult your doctor.  This diet is quite extreme and low in calories, the first week or two may feel like a nightmare.  Once your body rids the toxins, you will begin to feel the benefits of eating limited carbs & sugars.  You will have more energy and the pounds will shed!  Remember to keep your doctor informed! 



Weaning From The Baby Bottle

Weaning From The Baby Bottle

Easier said then done for many babies who appreciate their bottles as a source of comfort.  So how do you go about the "kindest" method to move away from the baby bottles?  Doctors will tell you to do it cold turkey.  As a mom, I know that's the most obvious thing to do but seeing my baby cry over a bottle is painful.  

When should babies be weaned from the bottle?  Doctors will say before 18 months to avoid the risk of tooth decay and teeth growing in crooked.  You will see many sippy cups for age 6 months+.  You can certainly start your baby at this age if she's willing.  With both my children, they were late to hit just about every milestone being 6 weeks premature and therefore we didn't start using sippy cups until 12 months of age.  

How Do I Wean?

The best way I found was to do exactly as the word means, wean.  If your baby is used to  say 6 bottles a day, cut it back to 5 in the bottle and 1 in a cup.  Gradually get her used to the idea of a sippy cup.  Eventually, save the bottle feeds for when she is most happy with a bottle (before bed, in the morning, at nap time etc). 

Which Sippy Cups Do We Recommend? There is a awful lot of variety and it will honestly depend on your toddlers preference.  With babies naturally need to lift the cup up to drink like a bottle, you will want a no-spill spout and wait to use straws.  

Soft spouts are considered to be not much better then a bottle nipple, however, its a good transition cup.  We recomend a Nuk Learner Sippy Cup.  The cup is easy to grip for your baby, a good size (you don't want it too heavy!), air vents (to prevent gas- which is a problem even for toddlers), spill proof and has a nice soft spout for a better transition

I found that with both my kids they were never a fan of the grips up top like you see on the Nuby Cup.  Maybe because it caused them to elbow out?  But to each kid their own, they all have their preferences.

Once your ready to move onto a solid spout.  I recommend The First Years Take & Toss.  I found these incredibly convenient.  I didn't use them just once and toss them, but quite a few times.  I found my son liked these cups the best.  My daughter who has always been the crafty one, would figure out how to get the lid off and spill the contents each time, so we never had great success with her with these.  


With my daughter on the other hand, we liked the other end of the spectrum and went with Re-Play Sippy cups.  These are made out of recycled milk jugs and are very durable.  They are made of super solid plastic so our daughter was unable to break it during her full on temper tantrums.  They are no spill as well so for the toddler who likes to dump milk all over in the car (our daughters favorite thing to do), you can tell her good luck!


Which Straw Cups Do We Recommend?

When your ready to move onto straws, I cannot give enough compliments to Contigo Kids Tumblers.  These are amazing.  They are strong, durable and they are no spill!  My kids both have one (ages 6 & 23 months) and they love them too.  




Whats A Good Alternative To Plastic?

Many parents are indeed worried about chemicals in plastics, as there are indeed many in there.  As a plastic toxins cautious parent myself, I stick to a few rules, do not put boiling hot water in the cup and once the cup is looking well used, it goes in the trash.  However to completly avoid the risk, stainless steal is a excellent option.  

Suncraft makes a cute, easy to hold cup for toddlers and kids.  It is a super high quality bottle and does have a premium price tag.






A First Birthday To Remember

First birthdays are just as special as baby showers.  You survived a whole year! And now you've got yourself a cute little waddling (or fast crawling) toddler that's ready to set out on adventures.  Here are some products that will make your toddlers 1st birthday a absolute day to remember


Birthday Theme Set for Girls or Boys

If you go to your local party store, you are sure to rack up a bill over $100.  You can find packages like these for $30 or less.


A Totally Cute Outfit

Remember these photos are forever, be sure to pick out a absolute amazing outfit that your toddler will be proud to wear.  

A Photo Banner From The Last 12 Months

A great time to reflect on the last 12 months and how special every moment as been.  A wonderful way for your guests to see how much your baby has changed in such a short period of time.

Adorable Party Savors

Party savors do not have to be a bag full of "stuff", go for something a little more unique and precious like these cute little boxes you could fill with a couple pieces of delicious chocolate. 


1st Birthday Guestbook

Your child will love looking back years from now and having a lovely memory book that remind them of the people that have been apart of their lives.

A Candle For The Cake

Most 1 year old's are not quite able to blow out a candle and it might end up being a little dangerous to present fire to your toddler to touch.  Why not try a light up candle instead? It will be bring joy to your toddler without the danger factor. 




The Best Classic Books To Read Your Baby

The Best Classic Books To Read Your Baby

Reading to your baby should start the day she is born, babies love to listen to stories even when they cannot verbally express their feelings.  Reading helps your child learn language, proper speech, builds her memory bank and sets up habits for life.  

Here are some top books that are a must read!

Giraffes Cant Dance by Giles Andrae

Giles Andreae is the award-winning author of numerous children's books, including K IS FOR KISSING A COOL KANGAROO and THE CHIMPANZEES OF HAPPYTOWN. Giles lives in London with his wife and three children.

On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tilman

Nancy Tillman is a successful greeting card designer and former advertising executive who created "On the Night You Were Born "to convey to children, at an early and impressionable age, that "You are the one and only ever you." Nancy Tillman lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband and their two children." 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

THE all-time classic picture book, from generation to generation, sold somewhere in the world every 30 seconds! Have you shared it with a child or grandchild in your life?

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

 So begins the story that has touched the hearts of millions worldwide. Since publication in l986, Love You Forever has sold more than 15 million copies in paperback and the regular hardcover edition (as well as hundreds of thousands of copies in Spanish and French)

Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney

"Guess How Much I Love You is a modern classic filled with warmth and tenderness about the boundless love a parent has for their child, now in a format that's just right for little hands to hold. " - Seira Wilson

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin jr

The complete edition of the bestselling children’s favorite, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, is now available as a Classic Board Book

Where's Spot? By Eric Hill

Time For Bed by Mem Fox


How To Comfort Your Teething Baby

How To Comfort Your Teething Baby

Teething is rough.  You've got your baby shoving her little fingers in her mouth, drooling and screaming out in pain.  The first thing you'll want to reach for is tylenol but be cautious, drugs can have long term effects on the liver.  We have two children who suffered with teething pain and we found these products to be most helpful  Here are some products that will help sooth your baby during her time in need:

Banana Baby Teether

This teether has been around forever but I tell ya', its a favorite for babies that are suffering from teething pain.  Not only does it help for teething pain but it doubles as a tooth brush, promoting early good dental hygiene.



Nuby Fruitsicles Tray

These are super easy to make, small enough for little hands and so incredibly soothing on sore gums.  My daughter always loved ice for her go to for teething pain but the trouble with ice is it being a choking hazard.  This is a much safer way for the cooling effect. 

Hyland Baby Oral Relief

I personally love all hylands products because they actually work.  They are a much better alternative to tylenol for safe, natural relief.  These little teething pills are loved by toddlers, they smelt in their mouths and provide pretty instant relief.

Teether Rings

Both our kids loved teether rings.  They are super easy to hold for tiny hands, easy to clean and they come in a  4 pack so if one lets lost, there are 3 more.  Babies seem to really enjoy being able to hold objects with both hands and placing their teeth over the top like a door knocker, these teether rings are perfect for that! 

Amber Teething Necklace

These are super popular in recent years.  They do actually work and have natural anti-inflammatory properties.  They are also very pretty and make for some nice jewelry when not serving a million other great pain relief purposes.  

Manhatten Toy Winkel Rattle

This fun toy doubles as a teether.  It's great for sensory too.  There are lots of stimulating colors, tubes and it even rattles.  It was a favorite for both my kids.

Happy Baby Superfood Puffs

You don't think food when it comes to teething but I personally found these puffs are a must have for teethers.  They are very soothing, get some calories in while the gums are painful and taste great too.  They are soft enough yet have a little density to relieve in teething pain.   

Nuby Teether Keys

These are your typical teether's that you would place in the freezer for the best pain relief.  However, babies seem to just love keys, and we found these keys were always a hit with our kids.  They are fun, colorful and there's lots of them, so its entertaining!  


10 Top Shark Tank Baby Products

10 Top Shark Tank Baby Products

1.  Dare-U-Go One Piece Bib: A bib, a highchair and a plate all in one.  Great for those on the go kids that can't stop to eat! 

2.  Tush Baby:  A super easy way to carry your baby around without throwing out your back

3.  Snoofybee Changing Pad:  Keeps babies hands occupied with toys while changing the diaper.  No more poopy hands and wiggle worms.

4.  Milk Snob:  4 in 1 canopy, nursing cover, grocery cart & infinity scarf.  

5.  Ruffle Butts:  A incredibly adorable line of baby clothes & swim suites

6.  Swim Zip:  Another super cute line of swim suites to cover the whole body to protect from rash & UV

7.  Freshly Picked Moccasins: Adorable shoes for babies and toddlers.  A portion of every sale feeds a hungry child.  

8.  Buzzy:  This is a neat idea, its a cold pack and vibrates for kids receiving shots.  Helps alleviate the pain.  

9.  Slumberkins:  An incredibly soft & cute soft toy that will keep your baby smiling for her entire childhood.

10.  EZPZ Silcone Mat: There are many of these type of matts on the market.  What sets this one apart is it does completely suction to a flat surface and serves as both a plate mat and a bowl.  

Colicky Baby? 10 Ways To Help A Baby With Colic

Colicky Baby? 10 Ways To Help A Baby With Colic

Colic is a condition of which your baby has extreme gas pains and cries a lot.  Almost every baby suffers from colic but it can vary from mild to extreme between each child.  Colic is usually caused by a lactose intolerance which is different from a lactose allergy.  An allergy is typically shown in the form of red & itchy skin.  Colic can also be caused by too many swallowed air bubbles, too much crying (stress) and other ingredient allergens (such as soy or corn).  Lets talk about ways to help tame colic & make your baby more comfortable:

1.  Better Formulas

If you are using a formula, this is often the #1 reason for colic.  Your baby is not digesting well and will feel extreme pain thru the digestive process.  Our first son had extreme colic, we found that when we switched him Holle Organic Cows Milk, pretty much most of his colic symptoms disappeared along with his reflux.  Using just about any European formula will be a better option then American as they are made with less ingredients, usually no chemicals or synthetic ingredients and they are closer to breastmilk consistency.  


2.  Gas Relief Homeopathic Remedies

Even babies that are breastfed suffer from colic.  Its not just a formula fed thing.  There are some amazing natural remedies out there that DO work for gas relief.  We have used quite a few of them but found Little Remedies Gas Drops had the most effective relief.  



3.  Probiotics

Babies are spending the first year of their lives creating good gut flora.  If a baby isn't breastfed, they are not receiving the same good gut bacteria building blocks as a baby that is fed formula.  However, a good probiotic can do the job.  We recommended BioGaia Probiotic Drops.  These drops also contain Vitamin D.  The drops not only help with colic, but also constipation, diarrhea and spit up.  It takes only 5 drops a day! 


4.  Head Elevation

When a baby lays flat on her back, its hard for gravity to do its job of pulling excess gas away from the stomach and out the other end.  It also increases spit up and reflux.  A baby who's head is slightly elevated will sleep better and digest better.  We recommend using a wedge for crib sleep or a lounger.  The lounger is a excellent option as you can keep baby near you anywhere in the house and its excellent traveling too.  


5.  Anti-Colic Bottles

There are so many bottles on the market today and most all say Anti-Colic.  So how does a new parent decide which is best?  We personally went thru dozens of brands and found that Comotomo was the best brand.  It is also the leading bottle for parents who switch between breastfeeding and formula feeding as it more closely resembles breast then any bottle out there.  This bottle has TWO anti-colic vents and you can actually see the air bubbles go out as the baby drinks.  It's also extremely easy to clean, no bottle brushes needed.  

6. Massage

One of the most effective ways I was able to relieve gas pains in my babies was massage.  Gentle rubs in a circular motion on the belly and same on the lower back.  There are some excellent oils on the market as well to aid in a better massage for your baby.  We recommend Wild Thera Herbal Baby Oil.  It's also great for moisturizing the skin and has zero dangerous chemicals.  




7.  Heat Packs

If you have ever had a belly ache, you will find that heat is a life saver.  There are now heat packs on the market for babies more specially designed to not burn the skin.  We like Happi Tummi Belly Wrap. These are super easy to use, just pop in the microwave and is reusable over and over again. Once needed, you can buy more inserts. 



8.  Windi Gas Passer

This isn't a product for the faint of heart (lol) but it works.  It quite literally relieves gas pressure fast.  It is as it appears, you put very lightly into your babies bottom and out comes the gas.  Its pretty relieving for parents too when your baby is clearly unconformable from gas.


9.  The Shusher

I love The Shusher.  I honestly could jump over the moon for this product.  I bought it for my daughter who couldn't sleep without a quiet yet rhythmic noise in the background.  If the air pressure in the room changed in the dead silence, she'd be awake.  For babies with colic, getting to sleep is a big problem.  You will see that once your baby is calm, relaxed and sleeping, she's able to finally relieve a big portion of gas too.


10.  4Moms Baby Rocker

This rocker was the best investment ever.  Yes it's expensive but worth it.  What I like about it is it creates a rhythmic movement rather then swinging.  There are lots of setting for motions so you can pick which one your baby has preference for.  Our daughter loved the "car ride" motion along with the ocean sound.  Its also really easy to move around and quite compact.  You can move it up and down so its almost completely flat to upright for feeding.  For babies with reflux and excessive spit up its a great option.  This swing saved us so many times from our colicky kids restless nights; kids just love the smooth motion. 

Traveling With Babies & Toddlers On Airplanes- Must Have Accessories

Traveling With Babies & Toddlers On Airplanes- Must Have Accessories

The thought of traveling with a infant or toddler on a airplane can be a scary one.  We personally started traveling with our kids as young as 6 months of age.  We have traveled every year, multiple times with both kids under 5.  We did a 9 hour flight to England, 6 hour flight to Hawaii ( 4 times), 4 hour flight to Phoenix and 2 hour flights to California.  You will see many recommendations for car seats, I highly recommend using a car seat on the plane for two reasons; its 100% safer and it is 100% more comfortable for you.  I traveled just once with our son when he was 6 month old on my lap.  I was sandwiched in the middle seat between my husband and another passenger.  This was only a 3 hour flight but it felt like an eternity.  My back, legs, neck, arms.. everything was killing me by the end of the flight.  And when we did hit turbulence, he would almost fall every time! Here are some of the greatest products we do not recommend traveling on a plane without: 

1.  Car Seat Travel Bag

Lugging a car seat around a airport is quite hard.  You've got straps flying all over smacking you in the legs and a kid in the other arm.  Travel bags made it easy to carry your car seat on your back if you are taking it on the plane with you OR if your checking it, it keeps your car seat safe and clean.  





2.  The Shusher

If your lucky enough, your kid can sleep thru anything.  Our son was like this as a baby, the more noise the better we used to say.  With our daughter, the slightest change in the air speed and she's up, screaming at me.  This absolutely amazing device I would bring on every airplane rider and into every hotel room.  It simply makes a shushing noise in a rhythmic pattern.  Its portable and run on batteries so you can put it right on top of the car seat above your babies ears for a light rhythmic noise that I can guarantee will sooth her.  My baby LOVED it.  


3.  Stinky Diaper Bags

When you are on the airplane or traveling around, these come in handy big time.  Not only do they mask the odor but if you can't find a garbage can, they are perfect for storing until you do find one.  




4.  Formula Dispenser

I will tell , whoever invented this was a genius.  It is so much easier and more convenient then carrying around a bulky box or container of baby formula!  The formula comes out super easy and smooth, and all you do is add water.  It's worth every penny!



5.  Booster Diaper Pads

These sound silly but heres the deal.  I discovered when I traveled by plane with my babies, they drank a heck of a lot more.  Maybe it was a comfort thing? With both my kids, they have always slept really well on planes and as amazing as that sounds, they'd wake up soaked thru their pants & into the car seat.  So now we've got a soaking car seat, a wet baby and hours left until we land.  I recommend these for long airplane or car rides, well worth it.  



6.  Compact Blanket

You may notice that airports are quite dirty but baby wants to play with toys on the ground.  I recommended getting this incredibly compact blanket that takes up hardly any space in your diaper bag.  There have been numerous occasions I have brought along a bulky blanket and it ended up being such a hassle. There are lots of knock offs for these blankets, but this one is the real deal. 





7.  Hands Free Bottle

This may look incredibly goofy but I promise you, its amazing.  When your baby is at that age where she can't quite hold the bottle yet, this is a lifesaver.  For situations when your on a airplane and your spending hours holding a bottle for your baby while she's strapped in her car seat because the seat belt sign has been on the entire flight, this bottle will seriously make your life so much easier!! We had one for our daughter and it was the best and super comical to watch her use too. 


8.  Easy To Use Wipes

Babies & toddlers make a heck of a mess.  When your on a airplane, that mess seems to amplify with being in such a confined area.  Baby wipes you will of course need for your diaper changes, but stick to a small travel size to avoid the added weight.  These wipes are awesome, you add water and thats it.  They can be used up to 20 times and are biodegradable when your all finished.  They are gentle & soft for the most sensitive of skin.  


9.  Car Seat Canopy

I like this one in particular because its so easy to take on and take off.  On airplanes, the lights will constantly being going on and off so these are so incredibly happy.  They double as a nursing cover too.  They also help to drown out the noise on the plane.  The amount of times my baby was woken up on a flight because I didn't have a blanket to cover her is enough to drive anyone insane!  




A few more tips!

Remember to pack food! And buy water at the airport.  If your toddler is drinking whole milk, you will have to buy some at the airport or bring formula.  However, we struggled pretty badly to find milk at some airports and found the coffee stands to be our life saver.  Pack an extra set of clothes as accidents will happen.  Do not go overboard on toys.  We found a i-pad with games or movies was our biggest friend on a airplane.  Pack a few small, new toys for your baby and some of her favorites too.  And remember, do not panic!  MOST people are understanding when a baby cries and there is no need to apologize for it.  Safe travels! 


Baby Products We Use(d) & Highly Recommend!

Baby Products We Use(d) & Highly Recommend!

We have two kids, and by the second child I swear I knew exactly what I needed and didn't need.  I had tried out so many hundreds of products, spent obscene amounts of money and only a few products really ever made me want to recommend them to friends.  These products below are my top ten.  They beat every other of the 10 million other versions of it that we had tried over the years and we are so happy to share these products with you! 

1.  Water Wipes

Babies have incredibly delicate skin.  The last thing you want to do is add to the diaper rash or create more inflammation then you need to.  Wipes with odors may smell great but a bad choice for babies skin.  Water wipes contain zero chemicals, just water!  We used these with both kids and never had a single issue with rash.  They are also great for hands and face too.  With traditional wipes, I used one myself on my "burned" skin similar to a diaper rash and ouch!! Thats why your baby cries when you change her with a diaper rash, the pain from the chemicals in wipes is awful!! 


2.  Medela Hand Pump

These pumps are incredible and I personally used one for both kids.  They were awesome for road trips or when I couldn't access my plug in pump.  Great to keep on hand for emergency situations, which will always come up! 


3.  Homeopathic Teething Relief

Teething starts as early as 4 months of age.  Once those little suckers start to break thru, your babies screaming routines will intensify fast!  We love these little squeeze pouches for teething, they always gave both our kids instant relief without the use of drugs.



4.  Munchkin Car- Seat Protector

There will be instances when your baby may vomit, spill her milk or simply spit up all over her car seat.  We learned pretty fast that everything leaks thru the bottom of car seats!  These protectors are waterproof so they keep the liquids off your seats.  They are also great for protecting leather which gets well damaged with car seats unfortunately.  




5.  Countertop Grass Bottle Drying Rack

I never realized how many bottles I would go thru which each baby.  A lot !  I found it so handy to have one of these available to wash the bottles by hand, dry and have it ready for the next feeding.  They are also super cute and appealing to the eye.  Once baby is done with it, it makes a great rack for drying delicate glasses as well.  




6.  No Touch Head Thermometer

We have had ours thru both kids and I love it.  It is fantastic for taking temps while sleeping and the best part is, its super quick and super accurate.  Your baby will get sick quite frequently in that first year, so it's a absolute must for every parent.   



7.  Ubbi Diaper Pail

We had a Munchkin diaper pail for our first and it was awful.  It was always breaking, always getting stuck and the refill bags were so expensive.  On our second child we decided to spend a little more money and buy a quality pail.  The Ubbi is spectacular because its easy to open, has a locking mechanism if needed and you can use any white garbage bag for a liner.  Its made of sturdy steel too.  Its very attractive.  I love love love it.




8.  Baby Shusher (sleeping aid)

I bought one of these on a wim in a clearance sale at Target.  It was the best purchase ever.  Its battery operated and simply makes a shushing noise.  It has different noise levels but a very receptive sound.  Our daughter who was incredibly light sleeper right from birth, would wake up to the sound of the door opening.  She had a super hard time falling asleep.  We would set this on her crib and it soothed her right to sleep.  There was numerous times I used it on the airplane and on car rides too.  It has been such a life saver! 



9.  Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I was given quite a few of these for my 2nd childs baby shower.  I wasn't really sure how to use them or why use them when they make perfectly good ready to swaddle blankets.  Here is thing about Muslin material, its so breathable and it dries really fast.  Our daughter who is 2 now, calls them her "teddies" and spends every waking moment carrying one, sometimes three around.  They double as a swaddle, burp cloth and a possession for the obsessive toddler :P.  With every wash they also get softer and softer.



10.  BabyZen YoYo Stroller

These strollers are by far the most unique and most practical to ever be invented.  Not only that, but they are STURDY.  The first stroller we had was your typical car seat, stroller combo. I think we paid about $160 for it.  The wheels would break when they hit rocks, fell off one time when we were traveling, was hard to push and was bulky.  The BabyZen YoYo folds up literally into a bag, flat as a pancake.  Its approved to take onto airlines in the upper storage as well.  You can take it down and up with just one hand.  You can push it with one hand no problem.  It's super narrow and fits into the smallest of situations.  This stroller was worth every penny to us and will last a lifetime. They do have newborn to 6 month bassinets you can buy additional, here is the link.