10 Top Shark Tank Baby Products

10 Top Shark Tank Baby Products

1.  Dare-U-Go One Piece Bib: A bib, a highchair and a plate all in one.  Great for those on the go kids that can't stop to eat! 

2.  Tush Baby:  A super easy way to carry your baby around without throwing out your back

3.  Snoofybee Changing Pad:  Keeps babies hands occupied with toys while changing the diaper.  No more poopy hands and wiggle worms.

4.  Milk Snob:  4 in 1 canopy, nursing cover, grocery cart & infinity scarf.  

5.  Ruffle Butts:  A incredibly adorable line of baby clothes & swim suites

6.  Swim Zip:  Another super cute line of swim suites to cover the whole body to protect from rash & UV

7.  Freshly Picked Moccasins: Adorable shoes for babies and toddlers.  A portion of every sale feeds a hungry child.  

8.  Buzzy:  This is a neat idea, its a cold pack and vibrates for kids receiving shots.  Helps alleviate the pain.  

9.  Slumberkins:  An incredibly soft & cute soft toy that will keep your baby smiling for her entire childhood.

10.  EZPZ Silcone Mat: There are many of these type of matts on the market.  What sets this one apart is it does completely suction to a flat surface and serves as both a plate mat and a bowl.  

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