A Teething Medicine That Works?

A Teething Medicine That Works?
When our daughter Madelyn began experiencing major teething pains at age 14 months, we were desperate for a solution.  Her molars where coming in fast and furiously.  She'd be shoving everything in her mouth and screaming at the same time.  This once happy little girl was always crying and chasing me around for comfort.  It was not only impossible to get anything done but it was heartbreaking watching the tears fall everyday.  We came across Hylands Baby Oral Relief and gave them to Madelyn for a test run.  Within a few minutes she was laughing, crawling around and playing with her toys.  Thinking it was jut a fluke, I tried again the following morning.  She was once again crying, begging to be picked up and just miserable.  I put two little white tablets on the floor, she ate them and within a few minutes, all better!  
I had used Tylenol almost daily previous to trying out Hylands.  Tylenol I rarely use due to the dangerous toxic effects but I felt I had no choice.  But even with Tylenol, it took over a hour to work and even then it never worked fully.  
I believe Hylands Oral Teething Tablets are a miracle.  For anybody who's baby is suffering from teething pain, give these a try and watch your babies mood change drastically.  
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