All About LouLouka/LouLouka Brochure

LouLouka was introduced to the market early 2019.  It was created by a family man in Europe looking for a formula similar to Holle but even better!  Holle has always been considered the most supreme of supreme formulas, your "high end" formula generally found only in speciality shops, so creating a formula even better was a big task indeed.  

How Is LouLouka Superior to Holle? 

LouLouka formula uses whole swiss milk, something you just simply do not find in other formulas unless its a goat milk formula.  They also do not use Palm Oil which is thought to decrease bone density in babies & destroy rain forests (Holle does use sustainable Palm Oil).  In stage 1 LouLouka there is no maltodextrin.  To break down the three biggest selling points of LouLouka

  • Whole Milk from Grass Fed Swiss Cows
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Maltodextrin Stage 1

How Does Pricing Compare With LouLouka To The Other Top European Brands?

Remember, these prices are for comparison, take advantage of our multi box discounts!

LouLouka Stage 1-  .065 cents per gram
Hipp Stage 1 UK- .048 cents per gram
Holle Stage 1- .058 cents per gram
Lebenswert Stage 1- .054 cents per gram

Yes, LouLouka is slightly more expensive than your second  most premium product Holle, but remember, you can't put a price on the best possible nutritional start for your baby. You can also buy Loulouka formula on wholesale price. Buying in bulk will help you make it cheaper.

What Would It Cost Me Per Week to Feed My Baby LouLouka? 

One box of LouLouka Stage 1 is 130oz, babies consume anywhere from 12oz to 30oz a day in the first 6 months.  On the lower end you will spend $21 a week, to the upper end $52 a week for stage 1. 

For Stage 2, one box will make 200oz of formula.  On the lower end you will spend approx $23 a week, and on the upper end $58


Do All Babies Do Well On LouLouka? 

9 out of 10 babies have zero issues digesting LouLouka.  Those that do have trouble have a dairy intolerance and either do better on dairy free formulas or limited dairy formulas.  

Are The Boxes In English? 

The boxes are actually in Dutch & in English! So no more google translate to figure out how to prepare your babies formula, you will be able to look straight at the box! 

Where Is LouLouka Made? 

LouLouka is manufactured in the same production plant as Hipp.  It is still a small company, growing rapidly! It is sold in many different countries all over the world.  No, LouLouka is not certified FDA approved in the USA due to the same insane regulations that stop other European formulas from being approved ( not enough nasty ingredients!) but the company continues to try and help us improve these crazy regulations we have in the USA so hopefully we will have better choices on our local store shelves at some point in the future.

Why Was LouLouka Unavailable After Organic Start Closed Their Doors? 

The main reason is because right after Organic Start shut down very suddenly (no they were not asked by the FDA to shut down, they voluntarily close their doors), every customer who was purchasing LouLouka through their website began buying out mass quantities of formula and the company was not prepared for this huge demand increase so quickly.  The second reason which correlates with the first is that LouLouka has changes coming for 2020 which includes the removal of maltodextrin from all 3 stages & a new canister.  Their supply was meant to last thru the end of the year, so they could begin production of the new product during this time.  However, due to the crazy demand, they had to quickly press for more product, which of course takes many months as it goes thru many safety checks and the ingredients used are the best of the best and had to be obtained before the original date needed.  

Shutting Down The Rumors: The rumors about Organic Start being the creators of the formula and the FDA shutting them down or that there was a "sketchy" production process was just simply rumors.  We at Little Moo have been in business since 2013, we were the first to import Hipp, Lebenswert & Nanny Care into the country, we would most definitely never sell a product that wasn't created "legitimately"or was tied up with crazy FDA issues!

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