Baby Cereals & Porridges- Which One & Why?

Amit Jivani

For many parents, around 4-6 months old, they will find their babies to be hungry beyond the bottle.  This often prompts parents to start feeding their babies solids.  European baby formulas, designed in "stages", at 6 months of age, the number of bottles will decrease (as recommend on the formula box). This is to allow for parents to start feeding solids as their baby may need some extra room in their tummies to not be filled up by milk.  The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends starting solids at 6 months of age.  
However these are important points to consider before starting solids

  • Does your baby sit up on her own?
  • Can she hold her head steady? 
  • Does she open her mouth when food is offered?

If yes, then your child is ready to start solids, but always check with your pediatrician first as other medical factors may be something to consider as well.