Baby Products We Use(d) & Highly Recommend!

Baby Products We Use(d) & Highly Recommend!

We have two kids, and by the second child I swear I knew exactly what I needed and didn't need.  I had tried out so many hundreds of products, spent obscene amounts of money and only a few products really ever made me want to recommend them to friends.  These products below are my top ten.  They beat every other of the 10 million other versions of it that we had tried over the years and we are so happy to share these products with you! 

1.  Water Wipes

Babies have incredibly delicate skin.  The last thing you want to do is add to the diaper rash or create more inflammation then you need to.  Wipes with odors may smell great but a bad choice for babies skin.  Water wipes contain zero chemicals, just water!  We used these with both kids and never had a single issue with rash.  They are also great for hands and face too.  With traditional wipes, I used one myself on my "burned" skin similar to a diaper rash and ouch!! Thats why your baby cries when you change her with a diaper rash, the pain from the chemicals in wipes is awful!! 


2.  Medela Hand Pump

These pumps are incredible and I personally used one for both kids.  They were awesome for road trips or when I couldn't access my plug in pump.  Great to keep on hand for emergency situations, which will always come up! 


3.  Homeopathic Teething Relief

Teething starts as early as 4 months of age.  Once those little suckers start to break thru, your babies screaming routines will intensify fast!  We love these little squeeze pouches for teething, they always gave both our kids instant relief without the use of drugs.



4.  Munchkin Car- Seat Protector

There will be instances when your baby may vomit, spill her milk or simply spit up all over her car seat.  We learned pretty fast that everything leaks thru the bottom of car seats!  These protectors are waterproof so they keep the liquids off your seats.  They are also great for protecting leather which gets well damaged with car seats unfortunately.  




5.  Countertop Grass Bottle Drying Rack

I never realized how many bottles I would go thru which each baby.  A lot !  I found it so handy to have one of these available to wash the bottles by hand, dry and have it ready for the next feeding.  They are also super cute and appealing to the eye.  Once baby is done with it, it makes a great rack for drying delicate glasses as well.  




6.  No Touch Head Thermometer

We have had ours thru both kids and I love it.  It is fantastic for taking temps while sleeping and the best part is, its super quick and super accurate.  Your baby will get sick quite frequently in that first year, so it's a absolute must for every parent.   



7.  Ubbi Diaper Pail

We had a Munchkin diaper pail for our first and it was awful.  It was always breaking, always getting stuck and the refill bags were so expensive.  On our second child we decided to spend a little more money and buy a quality pail.  The Ubbi is spectacular because its easy to open, has a locking mechanism if needed and you can use any white garbage bag for a liner.  Its made of sturdy steel too.  Its very attractive.  I love love love it.




8.  Baby Shusher (sleeping aid)

I bought one of these on a wim in a clearance sale at Target.  It was the best purchase ever.  Its battery operated and simply makes a shushing noise.  It has different noise levels but a very receptive sound.  Our daughter who was incredibly light sleeper right from birth, would wake up to the sound of the door opening.  She had a super hard time falling asleep.  We would set this on her crib and it soothed her right to sleep.  There was numerous times I used it on the airplane and on car rides too.  It has been such a life saver! 



9.  Muslin Swaddle Blankets

I was given quite a few of these for my 2nd childs baby shower.  I wasn't really sure how to use them or why use them when they make perfectly good ready to swaddle blankets.  Here is thing about Muslin material, its so breathable and it dries really fast.  Our daughter who is 2 now, calls them her "teddies" and spends every waking moment carrying one, sometimes three around.  They double as a swaddle, burp cloth and a possession for the obsessive toddler :P.  With every wash they also get softer and softer.



10.  BabyZen YoYo Stroller

These strollers are by far the most unique and most practical to ever be invented.  Not only that, but they are STURDY.  The first stroller we had was your typical car seat, stroller combo. I think we paid about $160 for it.  The wheels would break when they hit rocks, fell off one time when we were traveling, was hard to push and was bulky.  The BabyZen YoYo folds up literally into a bag, flat as a pancake.  Its approved to take onto airlines in the upper storage as well.  You can take it down and up with just one hand.  You can push it with one hand no problem.  It's super narrow and fits into the smallest of situations.  This stroller was worth every penny to us and will last a lifetime. They do have newborn to 6 month bassinets you can buy additional, here is the link.


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