Best Organic Baby Formula: Ultimate Buyer's Guide 2021

As a young mother, it is safe to say that your life revolves around your little one. From changing their nappies to making sure they’re eating right, it is solely your responsibility to make sure you’re providing your child with the best care. Out of everything else, you will want to pay special attention to your baby’s diet. How frequently are you feeding him, what are you feeding him and how your baby is responding to his diet. In the initial stages, your baby’s digestive system is still in the developing stage. Hence, you need to be very particular about what you’re feeding him. 

Although many mothers prefer breast milk, there are reasons why a mother would not be able to feed their baby - be it health issues or personal preferences. Either way, you can compensate for your breast milk with the best organic baby formula available in the market. In this blog, we will answer some of the most common questions related to the baby formula which will help you in making a well-informed decision in choosing the right formula for your baby.

What is an Organic Baby Formulas?

As pure as the word sounds, organic baby formula is made from natural ingredients ensuring excellent quality. What makes organic baby formula even more loved by moms all over the world is that it is formulated according to the EU guidelines. The milk used in these organic formulas is sourced from cows and goats that are raised in the biodynamic farms. This ensures that the animals are raised in a pure environment, allowed to graze natural fodder and they’re not injected with any growth hormones.

What it's free from

What it has

Added flavor, color or fragrance

99.9% of organically sourced ingredients

GMO or growth hormones

Amino acids, Omega 3 fatty acids and Omega 6 fatty acids

Toxic ingredients

Prebiotics and healthy carbohydrates

Highly processed sweeteners, palm oil & gluten


Chemical preservatives & pesticide

Essential nutrients for development and immunity

Is Organic Formula Good for Babies?

With so many options available in the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for your baby. If you are looking for a baby formula that is made from safe ingredients and is made according to the European safety standards then this is the best organic infant formula for your baby. The conventional American baby formulas are full of nasty preservatives, growth hormones, added sweeteners and artificial color. These formulas also have other ingredients like corn syrup, sugar, palm oil, starches and fillers which are not the best ingredients for your baby’s initial energy source. Babies with digestive issues can rely upon organic formulas since they’re formulated without any heavy ingredients that are too heavy for your baby’s sensitive digestive system. 

Moving ahead, let us dive into the benefits of organic formula in detail.

The Benefits of Organic Baby Formula

Mimics breast milk

One of the main reasons babies love organic formula is because it mimics the taste and consistency of breast milk. Since organic baby formula has lactose as its primary component that is the main source of carbohydrates. So you don’t have to worry whether or not your baby is going to like the taste of organic baby formula. 

Easy to digest

As mentioned before, the best organic baby formula will be free from any artificial sweeteners or heavy ingredients that can be too much for your baby’s digestive system. Especially when you go for European organic formulas, 99.9% of the ingredients are naturally driven so they won’t be heavy for your baby’s delicate digestive system. 


One of the most essential elements in a baby’s diet- prebiotics. It is crucial for building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It supports gut health and aids in digestion. Scientifically speaking, your baby’s digestive tract is still sterile and it does not have any good bacteria to support digestion. This is why babies are prone to digestive issues. The intake of prebiotics promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria which ultimately help with your baby’s digestive issues.  

Free from toxins

Most formulas you come across have preservatives, artificial flavor, processed sugar, palm oil, added color and GMO. you don’t want to feed your baby with so many preservatives and toxic chemicals. This is when the best organic baby formula can be your savior. It is formulated according to EU guidelines 


A lot of infants suffer from cow’s milk sensitivity. If your baby faces a similar issue, the goat milk formula is the best organic baby formula to go for. Infants with cow milk sensitivity can switch to a milder hydrolyzed organic infant baby formula. Various organic formulas like HiPP HA Hypoallergenic are formulated by breaking down the milk proteins into minute particles. This makes it easy for the baby to digest the formula. 

Even when it comes to one of the best organic baby formulas, there are various options available. Each of these variants is uniquely formulated to cater to different nutritive and development needs of a baby. Let us have a look at the different types of organic infant formula available. 

Types of Organic Baby Formulas

Cow milk-based formula

Cow’s milk baby formula is a blend of organic vegetable oils and fatty acids. Its basic component is skimmed milk and has the right amount of nutrients that are perfect for infant development. Dispute the amazing benefits of cow’s milk, it can be hard to digest for some babies. This is because cow’s milk contains 20% whey and 80% casein. The ratio is a little higher as compared to breast milk. Since your baby’s digestive system is still in the developing stage it won’t be able to break down the larger proteins present in the casein. So if your baby is facing any digestive issues, it could be due to the milk-based formula. 

Goat milk-based formula

Almost every renowned brand of organic infant formula has come up with goat milk variants for their formulas. Goat milk formulas are as good as cow milk formula in terms of nutrients and vitamins but they come with an added bonus of being easy to digest. For babies who have cow milk intolerance, most pediatricians would suggest going for goat milk formula. Many babies who suffer from eczema or skin allergies which are likely caused due to soy milk sensitivity or cow milk sensitivity can also resort to goat milk. Since goat milk is homogenized, it has a smaller curd which makes it light on the baby’s delicate digestive system. If your baby is diagnosed with milk protein allergy then you need to buy a hydrolyzed or amino acid-based formula to fully suffice the nutritional intake and eliminate the allergy. 

Soy milk-based formula

Soy milk formula isn’t recommended unless your baby is lactose intolerant. For babies with severe dairy allergies or babies that are recommended a specific diet soy-based formula can provide sufficient nutrients. However, you must look out for formulas that aren’t genetically modified. Since most sources of soy and corn are not GMO-free. Also if you are looking for something similar to cow milk or gat milk, soy formula isn’t for you. As these formulas are completely plant-based and highly processed they are not certified to be organic. Soy-based formulas also contain artificial sweeteners like corn syrup or glucose syrup. Soy formula is recommended only for parents who feed their baby a vegan diet or for babies who are lactose intolerant. 

Specialty formula

Infants tend to face frequent digestive issues as their digestive system is still developing. They might not be able to break down and digest heavy components present in the normal baby formulas. So for babies with special needs, there is a wide range of specialty formulas available which are exclusively formulated to ease some of the most common digestive issues in babies. Specialty formula is the ideal choice for your baby if he suffers from acid reflux, gassiness, constipation, bloating or spit-up. Specialty formulas have hydrolyzed proteins with less lactose content. These formulas are also thicker and creamier which ensures that there are fewer digestive issues.

Tips to Select the Right Baby Sormula

When it comes to selecting the right formula for your baby, you cannot blindly go ahead with a formula just because it is organic. You need to consider various aspects such as the age of your baby, nutritive needs, what different brands are offering and any ongoing health issues. 

The age of your baby is the preliminary determining factor. Most of the best organic baby formulas come in different stages, where each stage is formulated according to the specific needs of a baby during that age. Ideally, you will have an option to choose from the following stages:

Stage 1: 

Stage one formula consists of the essential vitamins and nutrients required for the growth of newborns. Various organic formulas like HiPP and Loulouka are known for their stage one formula that mimics the consistency and taste of breast milk. The stage one formula is a sufficient source of energy for your infant. 

Stage 2: 

Once your baby reaches the age of 6 months, you can switch to stage two formula. This formula comprises higher amounts of protein and vitamins as compared to stage one formula. Stage two formulas can be fed to babies between the ages of six months to one year. You can feed stage 2 formula alongside solid food. 

Stage 3: 

When your baby turns one, you might start feeding him cow’s milk or goat’s milk. This is when stage three formula is perfect as it is formulated with the right amount of nutrients which complement their solid food diet. You can even use the stage three formula after 10 months but it is best to check with what specifications the brand has laid before you start.

Top 6 Organic Baby Formulas of 2021

Holle Organic

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Holle Organic baby formula is made in Germany which is formulated using the finest natural ingredients. Holle is one of the world’s best organic baby formulas for babies. Holle is formulated without any toxic preservatives or artificial flavors or sweeteners. The main ingredient in this formula is skimmed milk, organic whey powder, organic vegetable oils, organic maltodextrin and essential vitamins. It also consists of DHA and ALA which promote the healthy development of the nervous system, eyesight and brain. If your baby faces digestive issues with formulas that have prebiotics and probiotics then this formula will be the best choice for your infant. Holle stage one is also free from GMO, added chemicals, synthetic nutrients, and artificial sweeteners. The best part about Holle stage one is that it mimics the taste and consistency of breastmilk. Hence, you can substitute Holle stage one with breast milk.


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Although Loulouka is relatively new in the market as compared to other best organic baby formulas, it has won the hearts of many young mothers. If you are looking for a soy and palm free baby formula then Loulouka is the one for you. Instead of pam and soy, they have used the unique blend of sunflower, coconut and rapeseed oil as the major source of fat. Just like Holle, Lopulouka is also a skimmed milk-based formula with a casein ratio same as breastmilk. Loulouka stage 1 does not contain added sugar, GMOs or artificial flavors. formulated in Switzerland, Loulouka formula is made from milk that is sourced from cows and goats that are raised in dynamic farms. Loulouka has also passed the Swiss safety standards. All their ingredients are obtained from organic farming and are locally sourced. Loulouka also meets both FDA and USDA guidelines for infant feeding. Babies who were prone to digestive issues also accepted the formula easily. The ease of mixing and delicious taste is the cherry on the cake. 

HiPP Combiotic Dutch

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Formulated especially for babies with digestive issues, HiPP Combiotic Dutch is one of the bestselling European baby formulas. It is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids with the right amount of prebiotics and probiotics. It has an ideal ratio of casein which is 75/25 ( just like breast milk). It is a lactose based formula which contains lactic acid bacteria cultures to help in reducing colic and irritability. This formula is free from starch, sugar, gluten and maltodextrin. HiPP Dutch is widely recommended for infant feeding as it is one of the best sensitive baby formulas out there. HiPP Dutch has a similar ingredient profile to a lot of leading USA baby formulas but it is relatively higher in terms of nutritional value and ease of digestion. Babies prone to gassiness also accepted this formula without showing any signs of digestive problems. 

Holle Goat stage 1

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There are a lot of babies who don't react well to cow’s milk. For them, Holle goat stage one can be a boon. Rather than switching to conventional formula, Holle Goat is made of natural ingredients where the base component is goat’s milk. Holle goat also has a blend of organic vegetable oils and is free from palm oil. If you are a vegetarian, the good news is that Holle Goat is one of the few 100% vegetarian formulas. Although it has DHA, which is usually derived from fish oil, the DHA in Holle Goat comes from Algae oil. If your baby is prone to allergies like eczema, constipation, gassiness or skin rashes it could be due to cow’s milk sensitivity. A lot of babies who suffered from these skin allergies have shown positive responses towards goat milk. Holle goat does not contain A1 beta-casein which makes cow’s milk difficult to digest. If your baby is reacting well to Holle Goat stage one then you can move to stage two and three respectively. 

Lebenswert Stage 1

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The Labenswert formula is a Spain based formula which has been making bets selling organic formulas in Europe for more than a decade now. The Labenswert formula is a skim milk-based formula combined with organic whey. Organic lactose, organic vegetable oils and necessary vitamins and minerals. The best part about this formula is that all the ingredients used in this formula are organically grown and are EU certified. This baby formula is suitable for infant feeding and is also great for bottle feeding. Its taste is neither too sweet nor too oily which makes it mix well with water. 

Bambinchen Stage 1

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Bambinchen formula is made from high-quality milk obtained from New Zealand goats. Bambinchen formula is ideal for your baby if he is showing signs of cow milk intolerance. You might consider switching to soy milk instead but soy milk isn’t a preferred alternative as it has a higher content of protein than what is actually required at the growing stage. Bambinchen formula is gentle of your baby’s digestive system and it originates from NZ where goats are allowed to graze the best natural fodder. It contains plenty of Vitamin A and it is made from fresh creamy goat milk with easy to digest proteins. 

There are various reasons why a mother may choose to feed organic baby formula instead of breastfeeding. The reason could be medical or just a personal choice. Regardless, there is nothing to feel guilty about. In some cases, mothers have low milk supply which makes it difficult for the baby to latch. Hence, it is completely normal to opt for formula feeding. It is important that your baby is nourished whether you feed him breast milk or organic formula. With the increase in awareness of the goodness of organic baby formulas, we have introduced various European baby formulas as an initiative to provide EU certified, non-toxic organic formulas at the best prices. If your baby is allergic to cow milk, then you can try the goat milk formulas which are specially formulated for babies who have a sensitive digestive system. All our products are imported from Europe and are made with the best quality ingredients. We hope this guide helped you gain an insight into the world of baby formulas so you can go ahead and make the right choice for your baby! 

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