Does My Baby Need DHA?

Babies benefit from DHA found in breastmilk.  But there are no studies that will prove syntheticaly produced DHA will have any benefit for your baby.  The way that human's produce DHA is a amazing complex thing.  This can not be mirrored with anything created by man.  

For babies that do not have access to breastmilk.  The next best thing will be fatty oils in the formula.  The formulas we sell at Little Moo Organics have the essential oils your baby needs for brain growth.  

All our formulas will have Omega 3's & 6's.  Hipp will advertise they do add DHA into their formulas, but it will not be the typical Hexane Extracted fungus that you will find in American formulas.  Hipp's DHA is made up of fatty acids from organic farming, no synthetic chemicals used.  Organic formulas in the United States are banned from using hexane to extract DHA but that doesn't mean they are no using other forms of synthetic chemicals instead, so don't be fooled!

We personally do not recommend adding DHA drops to your babies formula either. Instead we recommend using a European formula that's 100% complete and has all the needed vitamins, minerals & fatty acids for your infant.  The formula's are created to be simple, which is a good thing!  Infants were meant to drink breast milk, their bodies are designed to drink breast milk.  When the body is introduced to formulas, this can set off a chain of allergic events for your infant.  This why simple is better.  

We recommend Holle formulas as the most easiest formula to digest.  For infants with digestion trouble, Hipp formula adds probiotics for gut health which will help  keep your baby regular.  

Looking for more details about the marketing scheme scam that came along with the DHA/ARA movement?  Check out this article 

Go simple, Go European.  Little Moo is here for your formula needs.