European Baby Formulas For Vegetarians

European Baby Formulas For Vegetarians

Amit Jivani

With the newest changes with European formulas now adding DHA, parents are vegetarian are finding themselves in a situation where they need to find a formula without fish oil DHA in it.  The good news is, we do still have a few formulas without the fish oil, BUT they are goat milk formulations.  These include:

Holle Goat Stages 1, 2 & 3
Nanny Care Stages 1,2 & 3
Bambinchen Stages 1 & 2

Goat milk is a excellent type of milk.  It is naturally more similar to breastmilk then cows milk.  In fact, did you know that many adults that are allergic to cows milk can still consume goat milk?  The same goes for infants.  The reason is because of the protein makeup.  

Goat milk formula creates a softer curd, which makes it easier for your baby to digest. If your baby is spitting up a lot or has issues with reflux, goat milk formula may be an easier option for them. Cow’s milk contains an allergen known as alpha-S1 casein, which is only found in trace amounts in goat milk formula.This isn’t to say that goat milk is completely allergen free, however. Both goat milk formula and cow’s milk formula contain beta-lactoglobulin. If your baby is allergic to both goat and cow’s milk, this may be the culprit.

Goat milk formula contains more short and medium fatty acids, which in turn makes it easier for your baby to digest. The difference between this and cow’s milk is that cow’s milk has longer fatty acids. This makes more work for your baby’s digestive system.

Goat milk formula is not something you will find readily available in the USA, except for babies over 1 year of age. Luckily there is a few different options in Europe, all of which are 100% complete and nourishing for your infant.  Babies also generally love the taste of goat milk formulas!  Although most fresh goat milk will have that interesting "goaty" taste, formula does not seem to have that same taste.  

Here is a excellent charge showing the processing that takes place with cows milk vs goats milk to make it possible for human consumption.  Goat milk only has to be dried to make into formula, whereas, cows milk has to go thru a multi process step.


Not sure which one to choose?  


Here is a comparison chart of the three types:

Brand Name Size Cost

Per Gram

Maltodextrin Palm Oil


GMO Free
Bambinchen 400g $35 .087 No No No Yes
 Nanny Care 900g $68 .075 No No No Yes
Holle Goat Milk 400g $31-$34 .077-.085 Yes No Yes Yes


Why is Bambinchen the most expensive of the 3?  Bambinchen  is the most premium as far as ingredients go.  They are using Full Cream Goats milk which is made in small batches daily from New Zealand goats.  It is also very minimally processed.  The process of pasteurization is thru heat treatment, which also preserves the majority of the vitamins & minerals naturally found in the formula. 

Why are Bambinchen & Nanny Care not certified organic? Organic certification is a rather expensive process. Nanny care and Bambinchen are two of the smaller companies in comparison to say Holle, Hipp, Lebenswert & Loulouka.  The organic requirements in Europe are extremely high in comparison to those in America.  The smaller companies find it overly expensive and unnecessary to acquire this certification, although all the brands we carry are GMO free and antibiotics are never used AND these are goats!  They are foragers that roam the lands of New Zealand picking thru all kinds of yummy forages; their milk is naturally more vitamin/mineral dense then cows milk.

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