Feeling Guilty About Formula Feeding?

Some mothers who formula feed feel this endless pit of guilt.  And as a mother myself who chose to formula feed after pumping 12 times a day for 6 months and having a excellent supply of breastmilk, I felt a absolute terrible person but the depression it caused, the anxiety & the lack of sleep; I had no choice but to discontinue for my own sake.  Some will cause this move completely irresponsible & "unfair" to the child.  I could not more disagree.  Some moms absolutely enjoy breast feeding while others feel uncomfortable about it.  Some moms physically cannot breastfeed or do not make enough milk.  Whatever your reason may be, do not put that guilt on your conscious.  

Will I Bond the Same With My Baby If I Don't Breastfeed?

Absolutely!  It is not the breastfeeding process that creates a bond, its the time you spend holding your baby, singing to your baby & skin on skin time.  Bottle feeding allows for other members of the family to feed your baby & bond as well. It also can allow for a better night sleep for mom, since dad can help out with the feedings & feedings are generally not as long with bottle feeds.

Is Formula Equivalent to Breastmilk?

The short answer is no.  And no formula will ever be anything like breastmilk.  However, children have been raised on formula since 1865 & there is no sturdy research to prove that these kids were any worse off then children that were breastfed.  Research actually shows that while in utero, especially in the first 2 weeks of conception, are the most critical times that will shape the future health of your child.  This is why it is recommended to stay away from certain foods, eat leafy greens, stay away from processed foods & absolutely no alcohol/drugs.  Sure there have been studies to say kids who were breastfed had this or that better, but there can be many factors including genetics that play a critical role in how healthy one will be.

Does My Bottle Contain Toxic Ingredients?

Even when a bottle is labeled BPA free, it doesn't mean it is free from hundreds of other chemicals that can leach into a baby formula.  Due to this reason, we either suggest not ever putting boiling water into the bottle OR only using a glass or stainless steal bottle.  

What Formulas Are Closest To Breastmilk?

Since there is no baby formula that equivalent to breastmilk, the next best thing you can do is feed your baby a clean, organic formula.  Stay away from similac, enfamil, gerber or any other company that uses corn syrups, pesticides, fertilizers, hormones & preservatives in their formulas.  Organic is incredibly important if buying  an American formula, otherwise you are sure to to be feeding your child some pretty frightening chemicals.  European formulas have a far higher standard then America.  The best formula for simplicity purposes would be Holle.  Holle has just a few ingredients, it is tasty & very easy to digest.  Not all infants will respond the same to every formula, so it may take a few different formulas to find the right one.

Will My Baby Miss Out On Colostrum & Other Important Breastmilk Components?

Technically speaking, yes.  However, there are alternatives to these components worth trying such as probiotic colostrum powders that you can add to the milk.  If you are able to pump milk for a few days, even if you do not intend on breast feeding, the first milk that comes out is the most important and may help your child be sick less often & have better immunity.  

Should I Feed My Baby Soy Formulas?

There are some vegan parents out there that have a preference for feeding a soy based formula.  Or babies who are not responding well to cows milk.  Soy is a terrible product to feed infants.  Soy contains estrogen's that can cause harmful effects on your babies growth & alter his/her hormones. 

"Toxicologists estimate that an infant exclusively fed soy formula receives the estrogenic equivalent of at least five birth control pills per day. By contrast, almost no phytoestrogens have been detected in dairy-based infant formula or in human milk, even when the mother consumes soy products. A recent study found that babies fed soy-based formula had 13,000 to 22,0000 times more isoflavones in their blood than babies fed milk-based formula."

Which Formula Should I Feed My Baby?

The downside to formula feeding is that is expensive.  And it may be tempting to reach for a costco can of Kirkland Signature formula but we advise perhaps cutting back on other expenses as quality nutrition for your baby helps set her up for a healthy future.  Any European formula will be a good choice or your baby.  They are of limited ingredients, have the highest organic certifications you can find (which is not a trend folks! Organic=none toxic chemicals ending up in you babies body) and the ingredients are very limited.  Babies are designed to digest breastmilk & European formulas are designed to be just as easily digested as breastmilk.  That is why your baby will be happier, less colicky, his stools will smell sweet vs sour & her skin will be clear.  

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