Goat Milk Baby Formula Benefits

Goat milk formulas are not commonly found in the United States.  When they are found, they are for babies ages 12 months+. Why is this? The FDA has decided that it is not a adequate source of nutrition for babies under 12 months. This is because there are so many strict regulations about so many ingredients that are required to be added to formulas, that are 100% not needed.  Europe & New Zealand have many different types of Goat milk based formulas and are 100% complete and suitable for babies.  

Why Can't I Buy Goat Milk Formula In The USA?

Ever noticed that a can of formula here in the good ol' USA is full of MANY things?  Most manufactures of goat milk formula's are not willing to ruin their formulas by adding ingredients such as soy or preservatives, which makes them not allowed to be sold here in the USA.  

What is the benefit to Goat Milk formula over Cows Milk?

Goat milk is easier to digest then cows milk, this a well known fact.  The proteins are smaller & resemble breastmilk.  When you compare the size of a goat to a human vs a cow to a human, you can see why the structure of goat milk would be better suited for humans over a 2400lb cow. Goat's grow to a maximum size of 100-310lbs, very similar to an adult human. When our babies consume proteins more suited for their size, they grow at a safer pace & have less obesity issues, just like breastmilk babies. Think about it this way: imagine boiling a big pot of water and adding broccoli to make soup. If you were to add large florets vs. small florets, your body would have to work a lot harder to digest (bite, chew, and swallow) the bigger chunks of broccoli vs. the smaller ones. The simple difference in the size of the milk’s fat molecules makes it easier to digest

Why in general is Goat Milk better then Cows Milk?

Goat's are typically free ranging animals no matter what the size the farm.  They are very selective eaters & will eat fresh plants or grasses.  When a animal is free ranging & eating fresh forage vs corn, the milk produced is not only better for your baby, but it is much tastier.

Naturally Homoegenimzed

Goat Milk does not have to be homogenized.  It is naturally occurring! The problem with such homogenization is that once the cell wall of the fat globule has been broken, it releases a superoxide (free radical) known as Xanthine Oxidase. Now free radicals cause a host of problems in the body not the least of which is DNA mutations which often lead to cancer! Thus, the benefit of natural homogenization comes into clear view. Goat’s milk has smaller fat globules and does not contain agglutinin which allows it to stay naturally homogenized thus eliminating the dangers associated with homogenization.

Goat Milk Rarely Causes Lactose Intolerance

A large portion of the population suffers from a deficiency in enzyme named Lactase which is used to digest Lactose. Lactose intolerance and cow’s milk allergy (cma) are two distinct conditions. CMA is due to a protein allergen, while lactose intolerance is due to a carbohydrate sensitivity.)  Goat Milk contains less lactose then cows milk & therefore easier to digest for those suffering from a lactose intolerance.  The theory is that because Goat milk is so well digested, there is no “leftover” lactose that remains undigested which causes the painful and uncomfortable effects of lactose intolerance.

Goat Milk Is Less Allergenic

The most common food allergy in children under 3 is a Cows Milk Allergy.  Mild side effects include vomiting, diarrhea, and skin rashes. The allergic reaction can be blamed on a protein allergen known as A1 Casein found in high levels in cow’s milk. The levels of A1 Casein in goat’s milk are about 89% less than cow’s milk providing a far less allergenic milk.  A recent study of infants allergic to cow’s milk found that nearly 93% could drink goat’s milk with virtually no side effects.

Goat Milk Formulas Available To Purchase

At Little Moo Organics, we carry 4 varieties of Goat Milk Formulas.  

Holle Goat Milk- Made from Fresh Raw Goats Milk, this formula is preservative free, GMO free, palm oil free, fish oil free & soy free.  There is less lactose by using maltodextrin from Organic sustainable resources only.  Now includes DHA from non-hexane extracted alge. 
There are 3 stages available based on the age of your baby. 
Stage 1 (0-6 months)
Stage 2 (6-12 months)
Stage 3 (12 months+)
Nanny Care Goat Milk- Made with milk from Goats that roam New Zealands freshest greenest pastures.  Limited ingredients & VERY tasty.  Babies just love the taste of Nanny Care.  
There are 3 stages available based on the age of your baby.
Stage 1 (0-6 months)
Stage 2 (6-12 months)
Stage 3 (12 months+)

Bambinchen- A premium product made using the finest pasteurization process thru "heat treating".  This preserves as many nutrients are possible.  A truly easy to digest formula without anything "extra' added in.  There are 2 stages available.

Stage 1 (0- 6 months)
Stage 2 ( 6 months+)

Another way to buy goat milk formula and save money is to buy it on wholesale. Check our wholesale collection of organic goat milk formulas.