Goat Milk Formula Comparision

Goat Milk Formula Comparision

Goat milk formulas are becoming very popular.  It is hard to decide which formula to start with.  There is never one single formula that will work for every baby, you may find yourself going thru a little trial and error to get the right fit for your baby.  

Nanny Care/Bambichen Vs. Holle Goat Milk

(Nanny Care & Bambichen are virtually the same product)

The major difference between the two milks is Holle Goat Milk uses maltodextrin & Nanny care does not.  Maltodextrin is used in place of lactose & may be a better option for babies who are sensitive to lactose.  Maltodextrin is also a carbohydrate used in formulas.  Nanny Care uses lactose as their only source of carbohydrate.  

Holle Goat is also certified organic.  Nanny Care is not.  It is very expensive to become organically certified & Nanny Care as a company chooses to not become organic.  The milks however are GMO free & hormone free and you can feel good knowing that New Zealand (Nanny Care Milk) has the highest quality milk production in the world.  

Holle Goat doesn't contain any preservatives & contains just one synthetic vitamin L-methione.  Nanny Care contains two synthetic vitamins L-Carnintate & Taurine.  However, because Goat milk does not contain the natural vitamins found in cows milk, they must be added to be suitable for infant consumption.  

Both formulas are made with Goat Milk do not contain any cows milk.  And both formulas are based on a whole milk product.

Nanny Care Vs. Bambichen

Nanny Care & Bambichen are very similar.  The only difference between the two is Bambichen milk is heat treated and Nanny Care is pasteurized.  Heat treated milk is a balance between pasteurizing and not pasteurizing.  It kills the potentially dangerous bacterias while preserving the taste.

Bambichen is slightly more expensive then Nanny Care due to the heat treated process & small batch production.



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