The Underrated Health Benefits of Organic Baby Formula: Why Should You Buy it?

A mother’s womb is the safest place for the baby until it comes into the world. As a mother, you take every precaution before your little one comes into the world and you wish to do the same since the moment you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time. It is natural to want to provide nothing but the best for your baby. Especially when it comes to health and wellness, you cannot afford to compromise on that. Along with parenting comes the choice of breastfeeding. Whether you choose to go for breastfeeding or you decide to rely on organic formula for baby, regardless of your choice - you are a perfect mom. If you decide to go for formula feeding, there are certain things that need to be taken care of. 

Which baby formula is right for your baby? 

A lot of baby formulas are loaded with preservatives, artificial color and artificial flavor. Needless to say, these chemicals are extremely heavy for the baby’s digestive system. On the other hand, organic formula is made without any chemicals or preservatives. Its ingredients are 99% naturally derived. The best part is that organic formulas like Holle are divided into various formula stages according to different age groups. 

Embrace the purity of European baby formulas 

Unlike the traditional baby formulas, European baby formulas are made from cows that are raised and nurtured without ingesting any growth hormones. Your baby is ensured to get healthy food without any health risks. Organic formulas for babies such as Hipp and Holle are loaded with vitamins and nutrients that are essential for the proper development of the baby. The best part is that these formulas also mimic the taste and consistency of breast milk. Hence, you don’t have to compromise either of these aspects. 

The magic ingredients 

Not only organic baby formulas are free of any preservatives and chemicals, they are loaded with some amazing ingredients that will help in boosting the baby’s immune system and overall development. Here is a breakdown of some of the most effective ingredients in the formula: 

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin B
  • Probiotics
  • Biodynamic organic skim milk powder
  • No added sugar or corn syrup
  • GMO and soy free 

Specially curated formulas for baby’s sensitive digestive system 

Babies tend to have a sensitive digestive system as their body is still developing. This makes them very sensitive towards dairy and soy products. A lot of times when a baby is lactose intolerant, parents switch to soy formula, but in 9 out of 10 cases, if a baby does not react well to dairy products, soy products will be no good either. This is when organic formulas come to your rescue. These soy free formulas and lactose free formulas are easier to digest as compared to any other formulas. So, if your baby is showing symptoms of digestive trouble (such as diarrhea or excessive puking or gas) likelihood is that it might be because your baby is allergic to lactose. In such a case, try switching to Holle goat formula

Although a lot of pediatricians will recommend that your baby drinks cow milk formula, some babies might simply be allergic to it. If your baby is one of them, don’t worry, you can try the goat milk formula. Before you conclude on the perfect formula, give it at least three weeks’ time. This way you will be able to determine exactly how your baby responds to it. 

Explore our website to learn more about the types of organic formula for babies that you can choose from and let us help you decide what’s best for your little one!