How To Comfort Your Teething Baby

Teething is rough.  You've got your baby shoving her little fingers in her mouth, drooling and screaming out in pain.  The first thing you'll want to reach for is tylenol but be cautious, drugs can have long term effects on the liver.  We have two children who suffered with teething pain and we found these products to be most helpful  Here are some products that will help sooth your baby during her time in need:

Banana Baby Teether

This teether has been around forever but I tell ya', its a favorite for babies that are suffering from teething pain.  Not only does it help for teething pain but it doubles as a tooth brush, promoting early good dental hygiene.



Nuby Fruitsicles Tray

These are super easy to make, small enough for little hands and so incredibly soothing on sore gums.  My daughter always loved ice for her go to for teething pain but the trouble with ice is it being a choking hazard.  This is a much safer way for the cooling effect. 

Hyland Baby Oral Relief

I personally love all hylands products because they actually work.  They are a much better alternative to tylenol for safe, natural relief.  These little teething pills are loved by toddlers, they smelt in their mouths and provide pretty instant relief.

Teether Rings

Both our kids loved teether rings.  They are super easy to hold for tiny hands, easy to clean and they come in a  4 pack so if one lets lost, there are 3 more.  Babies seem to really enjoy being able to hold objects with both hands and placing their teeth over the top like a door knocker, these teether rings are perfect for that! 

Amber Teething Necklace

These are super popular in recent years.  They do actually work and have natural anti-inflammatory properties.  They are also very pretty and make for some nice jewelry when not serving a million other great pain relief purposes.  

Manhatten Toy Winkel Rattle

This fun toy doubles as a teether.  It's great for sensory too.  There are lots of stimulating colors, tubes and it even rattles.  It was a favorite for both my kids.

Happy Baby Superfood Puffs

You don't think food when it comes to teething but I personally found these puffs are a must have for teethers.  They are very soothing, get some calories in while the gums are painful and taste great too.  They are soft enough yet have a little density to relieve in teething pain.   

Nuby Teether Keys

These are your typical teether's that you would place in the freezer for the best pain relief.  However, babies seem to just love keys, and we found these keys were always a hit with our kids.  They are fun, colorful and there's lots of them, so its entertaining!