How To Lose Baby Weight Fast!

How To Lose Baby Weight Fast!

I had always struggled with weight my entire life but when I got pregnant with our first child, I had gained 35lbs.  Then with out second child, I gained another 40lbs.  When all was said and done, I was 60lbs overweight.  With the stress of kids and work, losing weight seemed beyond reach.  I decided when our daughter was almost 2, that I needed to drop this weight now or I would never ever lose it.  

My husband Cameron and I decided to go with the ideal protein plan.  To our surprise, it was a extremely expensive program but it worked!  Cameron lost 70lbs and I lost 55lbs.  We both got to our ideal weights within 4 months.  

In this blog, I will share some products with you that are similar to Ideal Protein products (which are about $5 per meal) and tell you how we managed to lose that weight in such a short period of time. 

One of the key factors that helped us lose weight was our ideal protein coach Dr. Lund.  He kept us accountable as we checked in weekly, helped us overcome small snags like how to eat on vacation and still lose weight, how to work around family & friends dinner plans and basically how to stay on track.  So that is one benefit of having a coach with ideal protein.  Ideal protein between the two of us was $1000 a month, that included our protein meals 3x's per day.  I will give you options for doing the diet without joining Ideal Protein.  But we highly recommended grabbing a friend (or a husband/wife) to join you in the journey so you can hold each other accountable.

What Exactly Is the Diet?

This is a form of keto.  You are eating protein, hardly any carbs or sugar, and in effect you are putting your body into a "fat burning mode" 24/7.   You are also consuming a very small amount of calories per day, which is why the protein factor is so important.  Your body will learn to use protein for fuel instead of the carbohydrates that it's used to using.  Protein is a better energy source as its stable energy unlike carbohydrates which will raise your blood sugar and send you on a roller coaster.  During this diet, you can't cheat, or you won't lose weight it's that simple, easier said then done i'm afraid but if you stick to it, have a friend keep you accountable, you will succeed.  

What Is The Plan?

  • Eat 3 protein bars (see what we suggest below) a day (breakfast, lunch & snack after dinner)
  • Eat a salad for lunch ( use a salad dressing as suggested below)
  • Eat dinner with 8oz of protein with 2 cups of vegetable
  • Drink 64 oz of plain water per day
  • No diet drinks, limit your sparkling water to 1 per day
  • No fruit
  • No Nuts (too many calories per handful)
  • No cheese (too many calories per square inch)
  • Do not eat anything besides the protein bars and suggested vegetables
  • No beans/lentils

Here is a sample of the actual Ideal Protein phase one plan:


What Are Some Good Protein Food Bars/Drinks?

Guidlines (If looking in the grocery store look for these specifics)

Per Serving (look for single servings)

Calories: 100-190
Fat: 1-6g
Sodium: Less then 200mg
Total Carbohydrates: 12-15g
Sugars: Less then 4g
Protein: 15-18g

Please remember! Not all protein bars should be treated equally, many have high sugar and high carb content; not to mention a ton of calories.  We have carefully selected these products as being closest to the Ideal Protein Products (there wasn't too many!)

Robert Irvine FITCRUNCH


Detour Whey Protein Bar Peanut Butter
Eat as your one a day snack bar- higher carbs)

Wonder Slim Low Carb Protein Bar-Fluffy Nutter

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chip

Protidiet Peanut Surprise High Protein Bar


ProtiWise Chocolate Soy Snacks


What Should I Use For Salad Dressing?

For your lunch salad or evening vegetables, you will want to use a dressing for your salad of course.  Salad dressing are notorious for being loaded with sugar.  The best type would be a vinaigrette or balsamic.  Here are a few we recommend:

Yo Mama's Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette

Garlic Expressions Classic Vinaigrette

Simple Girl Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette

What Vitamins Do I Need To Take?

Vitamins are important! Your body will be de-toxifying and you will need to restore it with healthy vitamins/minerals

Multi- Vitamin 
Calcium/Magnesium/Zinic & Vitamin D Supplement
Omega 3

Please remember, we are not doctors and before starting any weight loss plan, you must consult your doctor.  This diet is quite extreme and low in calories, the first week or two may feel like a nightmare.  Once your body rids the toxins, you will begin to feel the benefits of eating limited carbs & sugars.  You will have more energy and the pounds will shed!  Remember to keep your doctor informed! 



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