It's Summer Baby! How To Keep Your Baby Safe In The Summer Heat

Babies are incredibly prone to overheating and becoming very dehydrated.  They do not have the same ability to regulate their body temperatures the way a child or adult can, so parents must be cautious!!  

Tip #1- If it's over 90 degree outside, consider waiting until it has cooled down before taking baby for a walk.  If you need to run errands, be sure you have working air conditioning in your car and shop in a store with AC.  Bring a extra light weight blanket such as a "Muslin".  Muslins are incredibly soft after a few washes and are super light weight & cozy.  They are also excellent for covering your baby up to protect her from dangerous sun rays.  Perfect for summer!  If your home is creeping up in crazy temperatures, consider a air conditioner for your babies room (aim for room temperature at 70 degrees, a cold baby isn't a happy baby!) 


Tip #2- Use a quality sunscreen for babies over 6 months of age! Babies under 6 months of age are not recommended to use sunscreen, if you do, use a product with excellent ingredients such as babyganiccs. Stay away from sunscreens that contain phthalates, parabens, fragrances or nano particles.   Babies delicate skin will burn incredibly fast!  Even better, keep your baby in long sleeve light weight shirts/pants, and use sunscreen for her hands and face.  Many parents like to strip their babies in the heat, this puts your baby at risk, always use light weight long sleeve clothing.  If you want to put your baby in a cute swim suite, keep her under shade at all times.  



Tip #3- Put baby in lightweight, breathable clothing.  Remember, your baby cannot regulate her temperature the same way you can.  If you are hot with a sweater on, your baby would be burning!  Babies typically need 1 less layer then we think they do.  For around the house, consider a "romper".  Rompers can be more stylish then your typical onesie and come in a variety of thicknesses.  Use long sleeve onesies that are 100% cotton such as "Touched by nature" baby suites.  Cotton breaths better then other materials typically used for baby clothing.  Add some cute lightweight pants such as "Touched by nature" baby pants for a stylish ensemble.  And finally, put a hat on that baby!  Nobody wants sunscreen in their hair (yuck!), a good sunhat will cover a good portion of your babies face & neck.  If your baby isn't sitting up yet, then use a skull cap type hat that breathes very easy.  



Tip #4- Be careful not to trap heat in the stroller.  Most newborns are in their carseats which sit inside the stroller.  Some strollers even have an umbrella hood that will then go over the carseat to create darkness.  Consider a stroller that converts to a bassinet and skip the car seat/stroller combination.  Car seats are often made of materials that do not breath well and keep your baby "trapped" in a single position.  A bassinet will allow your baby to sleep naturally on her back and allows her body to breath when out on walks in the heat. 


Tip #5- Keep your baby well hydrated.  Dehydration is very common among newborns.  It is not recommended to give babies under 6 months of age just pure water as it is thought to make your baby fill up so she later doesn't want her formula or breastmilk.  However, when your baby is outside in the heat and she's had her regular serving of milk, consider letting her have a few sips on a bottle of water in between her milk.  For babies over 6 months of age, keep a sippy handy filled with water and let your baby drink as needed.  The worst thing you can do is let your baby dehydrate!  Signs of dehydration include: no tears when crying, excessive tiredness, urinates less, dry mouth & sunken soft spot on the head.  If you fear your baby is dehydrated please get to the closest emergency room.   



Don't forget to enjoy summer!