Lithuanian VS UK Hipp Formulas?  Is there a difference?

Hipp produces formulas for hundreds of countries.  Every country has a specific regulation on nutrition & ingredients that should/can be in the formula.  Hipp UK is clearly one of the most popular formulas due to its easy digestibility and the fact the boxes are in English.  With Brexit,  Hipp UK has become more difficult to come by (and more expensive).  We are happy to say we now carry the Lithuaniuan line of Hipp which is almost indentical to Hipp UK, and even just a tiny bit better! Lets talk about the differences:

Hipp UK 1 vs Hipp Lithuanian 1


Hipp UK

Hipp Lithuanian

First Ingredient Organic Skimmed Milk Organic Skimmed Milk
Second Ingredient Organic Whey Powder Organic Whey Powder
Third Ingredient Organic Vegetable Oils Organic Vegetable Oils
Fourth Ingredient Organic Lactose Organic Lactose
Fifth Ingredient Organic galactooligosaccharides  Organic galactooligosaccharides
Sixth Ingredient Organic Whey Protein Organic Fish Oil


As you can see, they are almost the same!  Hipp UK ads additional whey protein to the formula, which could be for a variety reasons such as the milk itself was lacking the protein.  However, at the end of the day, the nutritional content between the two ends up identical for example with 1.28g of protein per 100ml of milk in both formulas.  

The only "major " difference between these two is that the Lithuanian version does have both probiotics & prebiotic to aid in building good gut flora and to help with digestion.  Whereas, the UK version only has prebiotic.  

We would compare stage 2 as well, buts its almost identical to stage 1 and has the same differences.  


Comfort is a very popular formula for babies that aren't digesting lactose very well.  Not to be confused with lactose intolerance which is babies who break out in hives and may end up having difficulty breathing.  This is for babies who struggle a little bit to defecate or have a upset stomach most days.

Lets compare Uk to Lithuanian

Hipp UK

 Hipp Lithuanian

First Ingredient Lactose Lactose
Second Ingredient Maltodextrin Maltodextrin
Third Ingredient Vegetable Oils Vegetable Oils
Fourth Ingredient Starch Starch
Fifth Ingredient beta-palmitate beta-palmitate
Sixth Ingredient hydrolysed whey protein hydrolysed whey protein
Seventh Ingredient galacto-oligosaccharides galacto-oligosaccharides


These two formulas are the same.  There are no differences.  The Comfort Lithuanian comes in a smaller 300g box compared to the UK version which comes in a 800g box.  

Anti Reflux

Anti Reflux is a formula for babies with excessive spit up.  The formula is "weighed down" to keep it in the stomach.  Babies with reflux have a weak valve that keeps the food in the stomach.  This is quite common in infants and strengthens as they age.

Hipp UK

Hipp Lithuanian

First ingredient Skimmed Milk Skimmed Milk
Second Ingredient Whey Product Whey Product
 Third Ingredient Vegetable Oils Vegetable Oils
Fourth Ingredient Lactose Lactose
Fifth Ingredient thickening agent locust bean gum thickening agent locust bean gum


Same thing!  Again only difference is you'll get a 300g box with the Lithuanian version and 800g with UK.

 Lithuanian boxes are available for drop ship straight form Lithuania.  Shipping times are fast!  Most customers are receiving within 2-4 business days.  Questions? Feel free to ask!