Starting Your Baby On Solids

Starting on solids can be an exciting adventure. It means your baby will start sleeping longer nights and feeling more satisfied between bottles.  

How Old Should My Baby Be?

We have discovered with both our kids that they will eat when they are ready to.  Also called "Self weaning".  Your baby needs to first grasp the swallow reflex, meaning when you put food in her mouth, she swallows, not spits it back out.  Most babies are ready to wean around 6 months of age, others as young as 4 months and others not until 8-12 months.  Your baby should also be sitting up on her own and able to support herself as it is a choking hazard to feed your baby lying down.  

What Seat Should I Use?

Babies should sit in a sturdy seat when being fed for a couple of reasons.  #1- its a messy adventure and #2- It teaches your child to sit down for meals/not get distracted and crawl off.  High chairs are a great option, assuming your baby has enough support.  Otherwise a seat like a bumbo is excellent as it supports your baby well and you can purchase ones with trays for easy feeding.  

What Is the Best Spoon And Dish To Use?

The best spoon we've ever encountered is the Olababy soft tip spoon.  The super soft design and ergonomic design is favored by parents and babies both!  We are huge fans of bamboo bowls.  They are dishwasher safe, extremely hardy and do not contain any harsh chemicals like you'd find in plastic.  Our favorite brand is WEESPROUT, they are very budget friendly and come in some very lovely neutral colors for the kitchen.  

What Cereal or Puree Should I Start With?

Whichever you chose, be sure to use it for 3 days before switching to the next one.  We are personally very fond of the Holle Cereals as they are demeter certified (very high organic certification) and there are no added sugars or ingredients.  If Holle is out of your budget, Gerber Organic makes a good Single Grain Oatmeal for a great price.  We do like oatmeal as a first cereal and have found it to be the most digestible.  If you would like to start with purees, we love Earths Best Purees.  They have nothing extra, no preservatives, they are just pure simple ingredients.  Try apples, pears, prunes or bananas for a good starting puree.

How Much Should I Feed?

Always start with a teeny tiny amount of puree or cereal.  Your baby may not seem to like the taste, it's great to keep trying!  Remember to use one flavor for at least 3 days to check for any potential allergies.  Your baby may only be able to eat a few teaspoons for the first couple weeks.  Let her eat when she can and don't force it!

Do You Have Any Good Recipes or Ideas For Baby Foods?

We recommend using this fabulous book "The Big Book Of Organic Baby Food". It has some terrific recipes and ideas to make purees.  If you are not the most efficient in the kitchen or lack time like most parents do, we recommend Elva's Baby Food Processer.  This incredibly awesome machine blends, steams and self cleans!  Why use a million different pots and pans, we HIGHLY recommend grabbing one of these.  

Best Bib To Stop Clothes From Getting Ruined?

If you didn't already deal with enough mess when your baby was spitting up from his bottle, get ready for the mess of a life time!  Starting solids will be a messy adventure and we recommend gearing up with some very efficient bibs to stop your babies clothes from getting stained.  Firstly, stay away from fabric bibs, the puree with simply soak right thru!  We recommend buying Silcone Bibs with a food catcher.  You can quite literally take this bib right off, wash in the sink and use for the next feeding, no messing around with washing machines.