The Best Baby Bottle Of 2018

We are given so many options for baby bottles nowadays and it we rely on the feedback of others to decide which one is best for our baby.  When formula feeding a baby, it is also very important to pick out the right bottle as so many factors come into play immediately and down the line.

Glass, Plastic or Stainless Steel? 

Plastic is never a good choice for drinking hot liquids.  Even if the bottle is BPA free, there are many other dangerous chemicals that will leach into your babies milk from the plastic when boiling hot water is poured into it.  We recommend staying away from plastic under any circumstance.  

Glass is a great choice but heavy & breakable.  Once your babies starts to hold her own bottle, she will start to throw her bottles.  Once this happens, you will start to see a lot of broken glass bottles.  However, they do not contain any dangerous toxins.  The other problem with glass is it's heavy, when bottle feeding a baby, it can get quite tiring holding a heavy bottle & inhibits your baby from holding it as well.  Glass also gets very hot on the outside so be very careful when giving your baby a bottle after initially making it.

Stainless steel bottles are the absolute best choice in baby bottle.  Not only do they regulate the temperature in the bottle, but the heat will not transfer like it would with glass.  Stainless steel is incredibly hardy and almost impossible to break (unless you accidentally run over one with your car like we did, but it took a lot of force!).  They also have interchangeable tops so as your baby falls in love with her bottle, switching over to a sippy top becomes less of a nightmare.  

Anti Colic Straws?

Doctor brown bottles now have these long straws that release air from the formula. We personally believe this is more or less a gimmick.  The other problem with these bottles is there are so many parts included that when you lose a part, the bottle isn't useable any longer.  

We believe a better option is anti colic nipples & correct feeding practices.  Anti Colic nipples release air bubbles in the milk as it comes closer to the teat, thus your baby doesn't swallow the bubbles.  Also after mixing your babies formula, allow it to settle for a few minutes (some formulas become very bubbly), then open the lid to release air and feed to baby.

The Absolute Best Baby Bottle of 2018?


Pacific Baby Bottles!  

  • Keep liquids warm or cold for up to 10 hours with this handy insulated baby bottle!
  • Great for traveling, afternoon outings and late-night, bed-side feeding.
  • Made of high-quality food-grade 304 stainless steel – fully recyclable.
  • Our nipple is made in Germany with unique anti-colic™ and non-collapsible™ nipples.
  • Exceptional view of formula through crystal clear nipples and with inner scale.
  • Use up to 5 years by changing accessory drinking tops.
  • Tight fitting and long-lasting steel cap – no spills in the diaper bag!
  • Choice of stylish color prints OR stylish silicone sleeve on silver.
  • Unique neck seal technology prevents the formation of steel dust residue.
  • 98% reduction in liquid exposure to plastic.
  • Standard wide-neck is compatible with many other wide-neck nipples.
  • Fully compliant with all FDA and European Union safety standards.
  • Steam or UV sterilizer, dishwasher safe (top rack).

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