What Is The Best Baby Formula Closest To Breastmilk?

What Is The Best Baby Formula Closest To Breastmilk?

There are dozens of baby formulas available today.  Most will have enticing advertisements about how this formula is better or helps your baby grow or makes your baby smarter! We would like to start off by saying, any advertisement you see on a can of formula, just ignore & walk away.  

Why Stay Away From The Advertisements?

Formula companies have a lot of competition and their single purpose is to make money off of you.  They have to find ways to compete with the other formula companies so they will start to add unnecessary ingredients to their formulas to make them seem better.  At the end of the day, its one big marketing scheme & may be affecting your baby for the worst.

The DHA/ARA Marketing Scam

In 2002 a single formula company created a DHA/ARA from hexane extracted algae.  They slapped a label on the container saying "DHA/ARA for brain growth".  Parents went crazy thinking that their infants were missing out because their formulas didn't contain this special ingredient.  Not too long after, every formula on the shelf contained DHA/ARA and to this day it is hard to find a formula without it.  The problem DHA/ARA is its 100% synthetic and has no proven benefits for infants, only causes digestive upset.  Babies will be more colicky, sleep worse & many have severe diarrhea.  

In Europe they ban these ingredients in formulas as its toxic & not nessecary.  Instead, they add fatty oils such that have PROVEN beneficial for brain growth. 

No Growth Hormones/ Non GMO Labels

Formula companies recognized that consumers were becoming aware that their children were consuming hormones from cow milk & were the lab rats of America, testing out the ever so debated GMO's.  So they slapped a label on their formula saying " No Growth Hormones" & "Non GMO ingredients".  Seems like an improvement right? Not really.  While they may have removed a couple of the dangerous things found in baby formulas, it's not even close to where it should be.  

-Carageenan- Banned in Europe, causes inflammation in the gut. Found in most ready to feed formulas

-Sugar-Sweetened (Syrup solids, Maltodextrin, Sugar) – In many U.S. popular formulas, they use these type of sweeteners in them. These aren’t natural for a baby & only a lactose sweetener should be used in formulas. This will be the closest sweetener to breast milk for a formula. The European Union banned the use of sugar in formulas because of the increased risk of childhood obesity and overeating.

-Taurine, L-Carnitine and L-Methionine, Lutein, Lycopene, Nucleotides- These synthetic ingredients are BANNED in the European Union in organic formulas. These ingredients are also extracted using neurotoxins, like hexane. These are typically healthy for our bodies but the source of which they come from is not good. 

Is there a single decent formula sold in the United States?

In our opinion, not really.  There are choices that better then others but every single formula we found had soy, DHA/ARA, GMO's, synthetic ingredients, preservatives & more.  If you were desperate for something, we would recommend Happy Baby Organic Formula.  It at least is non-gmo, no corn syrup/added sugars, no synthetic DHA/ARA, no carrageenan & no synthetic ingredients.

The Best Formula for Optimal Digestion & Growth

There is no doubt the best formulas come from Europe.  However, Holle formula's takes the cake for the best formula for 2018. 

Holle formula is as pure as it gets.  The ingredients are farmed with Demeter Certified practices which is the highest certification any farmer could accomplishment.  This mean from the soil, to the air, to the animals, everything is perfect.  

The company was founded in 1933 and has uncompromisingly rejected chemical processing and preservatives from the very beginning. Learn more about the history of the company and celebrations here.

You aren't going to find anything dangerous in these formulas.  Maltodextrin & palm oil are the two most talked about ingredients in Holle but these ingredients are used out of necessity.  Why?  Maltodextrin replaces a large portion of lactose found in formulas, too much lactose can cause a dairy allergy in infants.  Palm oil is a high fat oil (from sustainable farming practices) that is proven very beneficial to brain growth.  Over 85 years of research has gone into Holle formula.  They have never lowered their standards to meet the current "trends" and they are all about purity & doing it the right way. 

Holle Cow Milk

Holle formula comes in 3 stages for the English boxes & 4 stages for the German boxes.  There is no difference in the English & German boxes.  We recommend you purchase a English box so you can properly see the box & read all the directions.

Holle Goat Milk

The Holle Goat milk formula comes in 3 stages for both English & German.  There are some slight variations in the nutritional content between English & German.  We again recommend purchasing a English box if you do not read German.   

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