What's Going On With LouLouka?

Loulouka has been a greatly successful company in Europe & is making its way over to the USA! Our customers are LOVING this formula.  We believe it's the best one on the market today.  With the amazing changes coming and stage 3 making it's debut.  We are very excited for the future we hold with LouLouka!!

There's no doubt that Loulouka is a fantastic formula, the best to ever hit the market. The perfect combination of both Holle and Lebenswert formulas, with a few upgrades. But it's also a fact that at this time, its incredibly difficult to come by at this time.

Why is that you ask?  Because the company Loulouka did not anticipate how quickly this formula would sell and unfortunately under estimated the production. Loulouka goes thru 50 different quality checks before it can be sold to consumers and it is produced in small batches to maintain he quality & integrity of the product.

So what does that mean? Simply that there is a temporary lag time until there is more stock available. Remember, this formula is sold all over the world! Not just in the United States and there are many parents trying to get their hands on it.  

When Will it be back in stock then?  The anticipated time frame for the formula to be back in stock & available to purchase in large quantities again will be around the beginning of September.  

What should I buy in the meantime? If you are using Loulouka stage 1, the next closest is Lebenswert stage 1 or Holle PRE.  The biggest difference between the two is LouLouka uses whole milk, Holle & Lebenswert use skimmed milk.  There is also Palm oil in Holle 2 & Lebenswert 1 but not in Loulouka 1. For Loulouka Stage 2, we recommend using Holle Stage 2, as this is again quite basically the same product but with skim milk & palm oil.  

I've head rumors that Loulouka was shut down because it's a dangerous formula, is this true?

No. This 100% false information.  One big company that was selling it closed their doors and that's where many of the rumors have spread from. LouLouka is still in production and even has some amazing positive changes coming for 2020!  The stage 2 and stage 3 will no longer have maltodextrin and new EU laws will require DHA/ARA (from natural sources). 

Can I buy Loulouka formula in bulk?

Yes, you can buy Loulouka formula in bulk by visiting our wholesale website. Check out our wholesale collection of Loulouka formula.

How do  I follow whats the latest with LouLouka?

Follow them on their Facebook page AND follow them on instragram!