Whole Milk Constipating Baby? Shouldn't My Toddler Drink Whole Milk?

Whole Milk Constipating Baby? Shouldn't My Toddler Drink Whole Milk?

Doctors will say switch your baby to whole milk the day they turn 1 year old.  Why the urgency we ask?  When we brought our baby into the doctor, this was the first thing he said.  So of course we put her on whole organic milk.  Turns out her little body wasn't ready for that switch.  We found that the milk was causing her extreme constipation, gas and fussiness.  When we switched her back to her Nanny Care stage 3 formula, she was pooping normally within a few hours.  

So why did she struggle?  It's hard to say really.  Maybe there was too much fat? Maybe it was the pasteurization?  Maybe it was the homogenization? Maybe it just wasn't broken down the way her body needed it to be.  After all, European formulas are rich in nutrients, most are not pasteurized or homogenized to preserve nutrition and the ingredients are simple and done right!  

Our little girl may be 14 months old, but she is still very much a baby.  We don't believe she's getting nearly enough nutrition out of her solid foods to discontinue formula, even if she was doing okay on whole milk.  So we cannot personally agree with the doctors need to cut her off from her formula at this time and we will continue to use it until she's 2-3 years old, just like we did with our first child "Ben".  

If you are looking for a quality toddler formula, may we suggest


Nanny Care 3

Holle 4

Hipp 3

Holle Goat 3

Lebenswert 3



We do discourage you to stay away from brands such as Similac, Pediasure & Enfamil.  The ingredients found in these formulas are quite horrific, from corn syrup, pure sugar, straight soy & many preservatives.  

We always recommend talking to your doctor in regards to your babies health, however, as parents, we always encourage you to do what you feel is right for your infant.


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