Why Are European Baby Foods "Better" Then American Baby Foods?

After the recent articles and news feeds about the heavy levels of metals found in baby foods, you may be questioning, so what makes European baby foods better?

To simply put it, Europe has regulations on baby foods/formulas, America (FDA) has guidelines.  

This means that the FDA has basically stuck a "buy at your own risk" label on baby foods.  Currently there is no limits  set forth by the FDA on how many heavy metals are allowed in baby food. Scary isn't it?

Why do we have so many toxic levels of metals? The trouble lies in the soil, the soil is so heavily contaminated from human activities.  It's almost impossible to completely avoid heavy metals.  Baby food companies such as Holle have a special "demeter" certifications which entails even stricter guidelines then the European nation has put in place right down to the soil.  Holle is one of the most pure baby food companies on earth.  

The American people's trust has definitely been broken with both the FDA & these baby food companies that knowingly sold baby foods with high heavy metal amounts.   We strongly believe at Little Moo that the public interest is not in the FDA's best interest, in the same way that the European Food Regulation board has their citizens in their best interests.  

To summarize  the FDA has not yet put forth regulations on baby foods when it comes to heavy metals, it's a free for all.  The European nation is beyond extremely strict as far as limitations go and foods are not allowed to hit the shelves without testing.  The European nation has set forth that pesticides (for example), are not tolerated in baby food.  They are required to contain no detectible levels of pesticide rescue.  

We can only hope that this new discovery will make a huge impact on how the FDA treats baby foods.  In the meantime, at Little Moo, we continue to carry European foods because babies deserve better then what America  has to offer.  

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