Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?

Cameron Doerrer

Some babies cry more then others and you may feel at times you've got the most exhausting baby on the planet.  When your a new mom or dad, listening to your baby cry and not having answers is extremely tough.  It's tough mentally and physically.  So why do babies cry?

1.  They Are Hungry

An infant learns that in order to get food, they must cry.  The trouble you may find is the more they cry, the more they get worked up and have a hard time taking a bottle or breast.  When your baby starts to cry, offer he/she food as quickly as you can before she gets too worked up.

2.  Wet Diaper

Some babies are more sensitive then others to wet diapers.  For some, it really bothers them! Others, they can easily sleep a whole night without a care in the world.  We personally have had one of each!  Change diapers quick and be sure to use quality, adsorbent diapers that will keep your baby dry.  We recommend Honest Diapers.  Besides the fact there are so many cute patterns all year around, they are chemical and bleach free.  Babies have extremely sensitive skin and you might find that "diaper rash" is actually from the chemicals in many brand name brand diapers.  

3.  Colic

Colic is typically present from 1-6 months of age.  Many will describe colic as chronic crying without reason but it is actually extreme gas pains.  Because babies cannot burp on their own and they spend their lives on their backs with gravity not facing the right direction, they have a heck of a time ridding gas.  Colic is 100% preventable.  First check your formula, or what your consuming (if breastfeeding), it is a fact that most humans do not digest lactose from cows very well.  Even lactose in breastmilk can be the cause of many babies becoming colicky.  Try a European Formula as they are easier to digest if you are formula feeding.  Also be sure you are using a quality anti-colic bottle such as Comotomo.  If you are breast feeding, be sure to analyze your diet and read a few books on how to make your breast milk less allergenic.

4.  Attention

With little newborns, they have zero concept of crying to get your attention just because they feel like it.  Instead, think of it this way, this little bundle of joy has just spent 9 months in a cozy, warm, bath and all of a sudden, she's in this loud, cold world and the most comfortable thing she knows is you.  Babies LOVE to be swaddled when they are younger, it gives them security.  Ever seen a baby sleeping and randomly fly her arms up in the air?  Then 30 seconds later she's awake and crying her eyes out?  Swaddling prevent this and keeps your baby comforted.  Luckily these days there are swaddles out there that are super easy to put one on.  A new brand thats super popular is Love To Dream, the swaddle keeps your baby fully comforted but able to keep her arms at her sides like a baby would naturally do.  The most commonly used swaddles are those that velcro in the front such as the Halo Sleep Sack

5.  Gas

Every tiny human gets gas.  As talked about above, colic is a extreme gas pain.  With regular gas, you can easily help your baby pass it.  Be sure to burp him frequently between feedings, feed him in a upright position and if you feel the gas is becoming too frequently painful, there is always some terrific homeopathic tablets/drops that work stellar for gas pains such as Little Remedies Gas Relief.  There are also some wonderful swings that have a side to side motion that seem to always have helped with my kids and their frequent gas pains such as the 4Moms Mammaroo.

6.  Acid Reflux

If your baby cries while feeding, she may be experiencing acid reflux.  She will also have a more frequent spit up & often times projectile vomiting.  The good news is, its very common and babies generally get over it by 6 months of age or when they are sitting up alone.  Until that time, some doctors recommend medications ( we personally never went this route due to personal preferences), a Anti Reflux formula (its heavier then other formulas) and sitting your baby up while feeding in some sort of chair such as a Bouncer.  (A word of caution, babies have passed away in bouncers because they were not strapped in and crush their wind pipes, please strap your baby in and watch her carefully! ) After a feeding, be sure your baby isn't jolted or moved too quickly and if you burp him, do it "gently" so you do not cause the formula to come back up.

7.  Tired

It's a silly concept to cry when your tired but babies do it!  Be sure to keep an eye on your baby and see how tired she's getting while enjoying the day out or while friends are passing him around to love on.  Newborns spend most of their days sleeping, believe it or not, its one of the easiest times in the first year!  Be sure your baby is getting a good nights rest on a comfortable mattress, one thats too hard or too soft may keep your baby up at night.  A good one we recommend is Graco Foam Mattress.  

8.  Too Hot/ Too Cold

Babies are super sensitive to temperature.  You may feel the need to wrap your baby up with a dozen blankets but remember, she cannot regulate her body temperature well at this age, so they are super prone to overheating.  Babies will also get cold quickly.  So how does one solve this issue?  What does the temperature feel like to you? If you are cold, chances are your baby is much colder.  If you are hot, your baby is probably boiling.  Always think about how it feels to you and increase or decrease that feeling to adjust to your baby.  Keep your baby in cotton clothing for better heat regulation and use swaddles that are thinner materials (not heavy fleece).  I would recommended dressing your baby in a footed onesie as it will keep her feet warm but yet regulate temperature better.  

9.  Not Feeling Good

Be sure to keep a thermometer handy at all times for your baby.  Your baby should be 97-100.3 (keep note of what temperature he is normally).  If your baby is outside of this range, she's got a fever.  Call your doctor.  

10.  Too Loud Too Quiet

Some infants like as much noise as they can get, others don't sleep well with it.  The best thing you can do to solve this problem is a white noise such as a a Baby Shusher.  A consistent sound is extremely soothing to a baby and reminds her of the sounds of the womb.  


Always chat to your doctor if your baby seems to be crying excessively and doesn't seem well.