Why Use Loulouka Formula?

Swiss Cows Take Vacations Every Summer!  

Every year in Switzerland, you will see herds of cows with flower head dresses and large heavy bells around their necks, making their way to the Swiss Alps for a vacation.  This incredibly display has been tradition for hundreds of years.  During the cold winters, these beloved cows are in warm stables being admired by their families.  When spring time comes, the cows  are dressed and sent on their journey into the mountains.  Come fall, these cows travel back down the mountains and are celebrate by the Swiss locals (and tourists) as the sounds of the bells that hang around their necks bring joy to the small towns.  As the yodelers yodel in joy, the cows return home to their warm barns for the winter after a lovely vacation.  

Why is this important? 

Cows become stressed when confined to small areas, milked everyday of their lives and forced to eat grain.  This greatly affects the milk they produce.  The quality of the milk found in Swiss Vacationing Cows is substantially higher then any other type of cow milk.  Most other milk produced in Europe (and America of course) is grain fed.  When cows are unable to graze in Switzerland they are fed hay with small portions of grain for energy.  

Ok, So the milk is really good.. what else is good about LouLouka?

Loulouka formulas do not contain Palm Oil, instead they use Coconut Oil.  The biggest controversy with Palm Oil is Palm Trees are harvested, cut down and therefore destroy precious rainforests.  Thankfully, most organic formulas in Europe are using Palm Oil from sustainable sources, but any non-organic brands in both Europe and America are most definitely from non- sustainable sources.

Palm oil can also be quite constipating for babies.  It has been shown to combine with calcium to form hard, insoluble soaps that turn hard and in turns leads to hard stools, painful gut, sleep disturbances and lack of appetite. 

Palm oil is also thought to cause possible decrease in bone mineral content which then decreases calcium absorption.  

Loulouka now adds probiotics to their formulas!!  Probiotics are so incredibly helpful for aiding in digestion, which in return can help with better sleep, less constipation and less gas.  

Due to new EU regulations, it is now mandatory for formula companies in Europe to add DHA to all formulas.  Loulouka opted for Fish Oil for their DHA as its considered a high quality source of fatty acids for babies brain health.  

The new Loulouka can is also absolutely awesome!  The lid flips up to find the measuring soon right under it, so convenient!  No more fishing thru the formula to find the measuring spoon OR worrying about contaminants on your hands which get on the measuring spoon which then goes in formula.  So spanking cool! 

Loulouka fed babies can all agree, Loulouka tastes amazing, as milk formula should!