Baby Food Warehouse

If your baby is new to solids, we recommend starting with a single grain cereal such as Rolled Oats, Spelt, Semolina or Rice.  As your baby becomes more accustomed to solids, you'll be able to roll in more flavors and type of grains.  Remember, this is your babies bodies first experience with food, the less you throw at it in the beginning, the happier it will be!! You much teach your babies delicate digestive system to digest solids, this is done by introducing one new food every 3 days.  


We carry a wide selection of cereals & porridges for your little one.  We often have two varieties, a regular cereal of which you add breastmilk, water or formula milk to OR a milk cereal/porridge which already has the milk in it, so you just add water.  The milk cereals do tend to be much sweeter tasting then the plain cereals.  We recommend alternating so your baby doesn't become accustomed to only a sweet taste.  

To mix these cereals/porridges its quite easy!!  You just add your liquid of choice to get the consistency that best suites your baby.  If your baby is new to solids or doesn't have the strongest swallow reflex, then you'll want to make it runnier.  If your baby is a big eater, add less water.  Think confectioners sugar, a little liquid can go a long way! 


We usually carry Hipp & Holle biscuits.  These biscuits are excellent for snacking or on the go.  We even sometimes carry cereals that have the biscuits mixed in!  


Weaning oils aren't too common in the United States.  European products typically do not add more then is necessary or required by law.  Because of this, Hipp & Holle both came out with a oil that can be mixed with cereals & purees to add in a extra serving of omega 3 & 6 when your baby is weaning over to solids from formula or breastmilk.