About HiPP:  The HiPP company was established over 60 years ago.  It is a family owned business, still run by the original family today.  The milk used is from grass fed, free-roaming cows with the upmost prestigious care.  You'll never find any antibiotics, growth hormones or genetically modified organisms in HiPP products.  HiPP is currently sold in over 57 countries worldwide.  Because of this fact, there is a wide range of HiPP formula milks available on the market today to meet the country specific requirements.  

HiPP UK: The version sold in the United Kingdom only has prebiotics.   All 3 stages are starch free and all 3 stages are soy free.  It comes in a box with 2 pouches in stages 1 & 2 and 1 pouch in stage 3, this is very convenient for young babies who are not consuming large amounts of formula.  These boxes are in English. 

HiPP Dutch: This version is sold in the Netherlands.  Stages 1 & 2 do contain both prebiotics & probiotics, Stage 3 only has prebiotics.  All 3 stages are starch free and stages 1 & 2 are soy free.  This version is sold in a large 800g canister.  These canisters are not made of metal and are very delicate to dent (this 100% does not affect the formula, its purely cosmetic).  These cans are in Dutch.  

HiPP German:  This formulation is sold in most countries in Europe.  There is two varieties, Bio and Combiotik.  Combiotik is a HiPP created term which just means prebiotics & probiotics. Both types have starch and both types come in boxes with a single pouch.  These boxes are in German.