LouLouka Formula

All You Need to Know About Loulouka Formula : Is it Worth a Try?

Whenever you hear about any new baby formula, as a young parent, you would be super keen to know more about it. Is it better than the rest of the formulas in the market? How is it different? How will the formula benefit your baby? All these questions will hover around until you don’t get the answers. At Little Moo Organics, we aim to provide the best advice and options to our customers when it comes to anything related to baby formulas. We can be your most trustworthy resort to educate you about various formulas and finding the right formula for your baby. Today, we are here to talk about the Loulouka formula.

A little background on the Loulouka formula

After years of extensive research, the Loulouka formula was launched in 2019. Loulouka formula is a skimmed milk-based formula that is formulated without palm oil and soy oil. It is an organic baby formula that is free from any preservatives and chemicals that can cause harm to your little one.

What is so special about the Loulouka formula?

EU certified

Loulouka baby formula is manufactured adhering to the EU organic standards. The European farming standards are much stricter than the US standards. Unlike American cows that are crammed in the factory and ingested growth hormones, the cows in Europe are raised in their natural habitat and are free to roam around and graze natural grass and hay. This improves their overall milk quality without the need of ingesting any steroids or growth hormones.

Formulated without soy and palm oil

A lot of baby formulas have vegetable oils in them, especially palm oil. Although palm oil is an essential source for Vitamin A, a lot of babies are allergic to palm oil which causes digestive issues. Loulouka baby formula uses coconut oil as a primary fat source, making it much safer for the baby. Coconut milk also contributes to making the formula taste similar to breastmilk.

Rich in carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are one of the most crucial components of any baby formula. Most American baby formulas use cheaper substitutes for carbohydrates such as corn syrup, glucose syrup, sugar, or brown rice syrup. You should stay away from formulas that consist of any cheaper forms of carbohydrates. Loulouka baby formula uses lactose as the primary source for carbohydrates. When you opt for Loulouka, you are giving your baby the richest source of carbohydrates without the non-lactose sugar.

No harmful ingredients

There are tons of ingredients that aren’t right for your little one. For starters, you should stay away from GMOs, sugar, added flavor, artificial sweeteners, food color, soy (although soy is not harmful, a lot of babies tend to be allergic to it). The good news is that the Loulouka formula does not contain any ingredients that can cause harm to your baby- just safe and organic ingredients that are easy to digest and loaded with nutrients.

Explore our range of baby formulas and find what suits your baby’s needs the best. If you wish to buy Loulouka formula, we give you a thumbs up from our side, and we also recommend you give it a try! Get in touch with us in case of any queries, and we will be happy to help you out.