About Our Formulas

At Little Moo Organics, we love that our formulas and foods are made with simple and pure ingredients. Zero GMOs, additives, preservatives, artificial flavoring, colorants, corn syrup, sugars or stabilizers are added to the products we carry. Our products are certified organic and/or made with grass-fed cow's or goat's milk that's free of hormones and antibiotics. 

As babies grow, their nutritional needs change. We bring you multiple brands with options for newborns to toddlers, so you can feed your baby the best food at every stage. From formulas and cereals to snacks and finger foods, we offer a range of nutritious foods for happy tummies and happy faces.

How do I pick a formula?

Deciding which formula to choose can be overwhelming.  However, if your infant is not experiencing any allergic reactions to formulas, here are some questions to consider when choosing….

Do you want to avoid maltodextrin?  Holle uses a maltodextrin that has starch like properties and yet doesn’t taste sweet. Because of the shorter chain length it is easier for babies to digest than the starch itself would be, while still serving its purpose of providing energy.  Starches, including maltodextrin, release their energy slower than sugars. This means that two different baby milks with the same amount of energy per portion can release that energy at different rates. Holle uses a maltodextrin that is slower releasing which means that their formula can help a baby feel satisified for longer. Certain internet sources often suggest that maltodextrin is used merely as a ‘filler’ and that it is a sugar or sweetener – neither of which is necessarily the case. Holle uses maltodextrin in their baby milks, not just because it is easy for babies to digest and releases energy at a slower rate, but for another very specific and very sensible reason. Holle didn’t use maltodextrin they would need to add more lactose in order to comply with the legal requirements for energy levels. That would, in fact, make the baby milks and formulas much sweeter in taste. Holle want to avoid having their milk taste too sweet. Not encouraging a lifetime tendency to having a sweettooth from the beginning, seems to me, to be a very sensible thing to do.

If you are trying to avoid maltodextrin, we would suggest:

Lebenswert Goats Milk Stage 1

Nanny Care Goat Milk

Hipp Cows Milk

Do you want to avoid palm oil? Some European formula companies use Palm oil as a fatty acid for brain growth.  It is a much more natural choice then synthetic DHA.  If you have done any research on this topic, the chances are good that your found warnings regarding saturated fatty acids and promotion of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.  However, infants under a year old metabolize nutrients differently than adults and older children. Fatty acids contained in human breast milk are mostly saturated. To closely mimic the composition in human breast milk and to meet legal requirements,  Holle relies on the use of palm oil in the fat mixture for their infant formulas. Palm oil is one of very few vegetable oils rich in saturated fatty acids. Many other vegetable oils are high in mono or polyunsaturated fatty acids. Using palm oil in the mixture with rapeseed oil and sunflower oil, offers your baby a complete, wholesome profile of fatty acid and meets all of his or her nutritional requirements.

If you are trying to avoid palm oil, we would suggest:

Nanny Care Goats Milk

Do you want to avoid soy lecithin? The soy used in some Hipp products is not like your standard soy used in American formulas.  The soy used is called soy lecithin.  Soy lecithin is a waste product left after producing soy oil–it is extracted from the oils of the soy beans shell. The protein that is contained in soybean is largely removed from soy lecithin because of this, and soy lecithin is considered a different substance from soybean. Soy lecithin is a natural emulsifier for infant milks, meaning, it is a substance that allows the “stable emulsion” of oil and water. It prevents the mixture from separating. Especially the Ready-Made products need an emulsifier. Soy lecithin is used in hundreds of processed foods, everything from candy bars to cookie dough. It is considered a natural and safe emulsifier. Also keep in mind, any ingredients HiPP milks are organically derived from non-GMO sources. Actual soy infant milks are made with the soybean protein. The concern with actual soy formula is its high phytoestrogenic quality.

If you are trying to avoid soy lecithin, we would suggest:

Holle Cows Milk & Goats Milk

Hipp Stage 1

Nanny Care


 If your infant has trouble with digestion (constipation, diarrhea, extra gassy) or is screaming at the bottle, this is actually very common with bottle fed babies.  There are a couple of things that can cause this:

Too much air: Be sure your baby has a good latch and that when she's drinking, the nipple is full with milk.  Be sure to burp your baby often.  We do not personally believe that any specific bottles make any sort of difference for air consumption.

Ingredients: American formulas have not only yucky ingredients but too many of them.  Babies have sensitive digestive systems and some infants just simply can't handle corn syrup, synthetic ingredients or just a overload of ingredients in general.  All our formulas have limited ingredients and that is the #1 reason they are easier to digest.  Not only that, but the ingredients used are easier for the body to break down.

Allergies:  Some infants are not as tolerant as others to lactose.  Many of our formulas contain maltodextrin which is a substitute for the added lactose which keeps the milk sweet & gives it some body without an overload of lactose.  We do carry Hipp Comfort, which breaks down the proteins so they are easier to digest and others with very limited lactose.



Formula Comparison Chart

  Size Of Box Cost Per Box Servings Per Box Cost Per Oz Calories Per Oz Prebiotics Soya Source Of Stabilizer EU Organics Certified Demeter Certified
Hipp 1 (UK Version) 800g $41.99 186oz $0.22 19.52 Yes No Lactose Yes No
Hipp 2 (UK Version) 800g $39.99 170oz $0.23 20 Yes Yes Lactose Yes No
Hipp 3 (UK) 600g $37.99 127oz $0.29 20.71 Yes Yes Lactose Yes No
Hipp HA1 (Hypoallergenic) 500g $38.99 106oz $0.36 19.71 Yes No Lactose No No
Hipp HA2 (Hypoallergenic) 500g $38.99 106oz $0.36 20.71 Yes No Lactose No No
Hipp AR (Acid Reflux) 500g $37.99 106oz $0.35 19.14 No No Lactose Yes No
Hipp Comfort 500g $37.99 113oz $0.33 19.82 Yes No Maltodextrin No No
Holle 1 400g $25.99 90oz $0.28 19.42 No No Maltodextrin Yes Yes
Holle 2 600g $31.99 127oz $0.25 20.41 No No Maltodextrin Yes Yes
Holle 3 600g $31.99 127oz $0.25 19.42 No No Maltodextrin Yes Yes
Holle 4 600g $31.99 127oz $0.25 19.14 No No Maltodextrin Yes No
Holle Goat 1 400g $31.99 90oz $0.35 18.75 No No Maltodextrin Yes No
Holle Goat 2 400g $31.99 90oz $0.35 19.14 No No Maltodextrin Yes No
Holle Goat 3 400g $31.99 90oz $0.35 19.82 No No Maltodextrin Yes No
Nanny Care 1 900g $68.00 209oz $0.32 19.52 No No Lactose No No
Nanny Care 2 900g $68.00 209oz $0.32 19.52 No No Lactose No No
Nanny Care 3 900g $68.00 200oz $0.32 19.52 No No Lactose No No
Lebenswert 1 500g $29.99 108oz $0.27 18.85 No No Lactose Yes No