Which Formula Is Best For Your Baby?

How Old Is Your Baby?

Every formula has a age bracket, most are 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12 months & over.  Always, always pick a formula that pertains to your babies age.  So even if your baby has never had formula and is 7 months of age, you would want to pick a formula for babies that are 7 months of age.




Does Your Baby Suffer From Digestive Issues? (Gas, Constipation, Excessive Spit up)

Every baby has something at some point in time, their bodies are constantly evolving.  What you want to watch for is for what sequence of time your baby is experiencing these problems.  If she was constipated for a day or two, she probably doesn't need a special formula.  Whereas if after every meal she's projectile vomiting, you may want to consider a Anti-Reflux formula.
These are our speciality formulas:
Hipp Hypoallergenic - This formula is for babies who may be prone to a cows milk allergy (there is a family history) or also for the prevention of a cows milk allergy in the future.  The proteins have been broken down in such a way that they are easier to digest, thus the body not treating the proteins as a foreign invader, creating a negative reaction (allergy).  It is a fact that cows milk is harder for humans in general to digest.  Our bodies where never mean to digest these types of proteins and aren't compatible with our bodies.  
Hipp Comfort- This formula was designed for infants who suffer a lot of digestive upset such as gas, colic, constipation & diarrhea.  We recommend this formula for babies who are chronically upset from their inability to digest correctly.  The ingredients are extremely easy to digest & designed to help with the digestion process.  
Hipp Anti Reflux- This formula is for babies who have projectile vommiting.  It is made with locust bean which makes the formula a little "heavier" to keep the formula in the tummy.  It is also created with many other ingredients to aid in the digestive process & keep baby's tummy happy.  

Cows Milk Or Goats Milk?

You do not hear about goats milk formula in the United States.  At least not for babies under 1 year of age.  It is thought that the milk is not acceptable for babies due to lack of iron.  However, this is just simply not the case.  We carry three types of Goats Milk's here, Nanny Care, Bambinchen & Holle Goat Milk.  All have been producing goat milks for decades.  The formula's are 100% complete for babies. Most other countries in the world, use Goats Milk for their infants.  America is one of the very few countries that believes that cows milk is better for humans then goats milk.  It just simply isn't the case.  Studies have shown that Goats milk more closely resembles the proteins found in human milk, making it much much easier to digest & allergies to Goat milk are extremely rare.  However, Goat's milk is harder to produce in larger quantities & Goat's are more expensive to raise as they require free range of grass fields to produce milk unlike their cow cousins.  This is why you will find most goats milk is produced in New Zealand as this country is known for their beautiful lush green pastures, excellent for production of milk.  As a result, goat milk formula is quite a bit more expensive then cow's milk.  However, if you have the means to provide your baby with a goats milk formula, we highly recommend going that route.

 Nanny Care - A popular choice in a tin can (no BPA lining).  Free from maltodextrin or palm oil.  Has a little more lactose due to the lack of maltodextrin, some infants may find this intolerable if they are already sensitive to lactose

Bambinchen- Very similar to Nanny Care.  Same ingredients. The only difference is the process of which the formula is pasteurized.  It is called "heat treating".  Which basically still pasteurizes the product but with lower heat, preserving more of the taste & nutrients.  

Holle Goats Milk- A great choice for babies who are lactose sensitive and not on a specialty formula made by hipp.  Certified organic, excellent ingredients.

Which Cow Milk Brand Is Better?

If you've decided to go with a cows milk formula, we have a few different options.  Not one option for work for every baby, which is why we offer a selection and we recommend giving your baby at least 1 week with a new formula before switching to another.  UNLESS, your infant is extremely uncomfortable with the new formula, please do not continue.  It is common for babies to experience diarrhea or constipation when switching to a new formula or trying out new foods.  But they should not be completely uncomfortable, screaming out in pain.  

Holle- Holle has been in production for over 80 years.  Their quality of formulas is like none other.  The ingredients used are certified "demeter" which is the highest organic certification you can possibly get.  They have extremely high standards & this formula is only found in speciality shops in Europe. 

Hipp- Hipp produces quality organic formulas with prebiotics which can help with digestion.  They also contain DHA.  The formula's are more widely available in most grocery shops & are more commonly used.  There is no genetically modified ingredients ever used.  

Lebenswert- Lebenswert is a brand under Holle.  The formulas are more affordable but also have a very high level of organic certification with Bioland Organics.  They are very uncommon to find anywhere except Germany.  The Stage 1 has zero maltodextrin it, which many people love but the stages 2 and 3 do contain maltodextrin (offsets most of the excessive lactose) and are very similar to Holle. 

In Summary

Not one formula will work for every baby.  Often times it will be a case of trial and error to find one that fits your baby well.  Every formula is as equally popular as the others, its 100% preference for yourself and your infant.

If you should have any additional or specific questions on which formula to choose, feel free to email us at support@littlemooorganics.com