Formula Advisory

 As information is constantly changing, we want to keep you informed.  

 Here is what we know...

 1.  The CDC within the USA is advising the limit of people moving about their days & jobs by the day, this could affect our mail workers & import customs

 2.  There has been numerous hints to advise that the borders of Europe will close.  This means formula production will slowly come to a halt.  

 3.  People within the USA are becoming increasingly nervous and are stocking up.  This is depleting our inventory extremely fast.  

 4.  Europe & the UK could advise a country wide ban, not allowing individuals to leave their homes.  Our products come from Europe & the UK.  This will sadly not allow us to import any items during this duration


Here is what we suggest...

 If you have not visited our wholesale website yet, we suggested you do.  You can purchase larger quantities of the formulas you need at lower prices.  This enables you to stock up on the formulas you need in the case any of the suggested advisories above are to become reality.  By doing this,  we can serve you all with smaller orders more continually in the meantime.  Our worst fear is for our parents to find themselves without any formula.  Please also note, we have no idea how long any restriction may last.  It could be for as little as 2 weeks or for as long as 6 months.  We hope it will never come down to this but we do want everyone to prepare for the absolute worst case scenario.  


Please check out our wholesale website here 



 With our wholesale website you will have an option to buy a smaller quantity with fast DHL shipping (2-3 days usually) or slower shipping for larger quantities (10-15 days approx.).  Your shipments WILL NOT be affected even a border ban was to come into affect.  This is why we suggested doing this now.  

 Another note....

 Yes our website is looking a little bare right now, not much in stock! But please keep checking back frequently as we receive new shipments daily.

 We thank you for your business & loyalty.. Please stay safe

Little Moo