When it comes to choosing between an American and European baby formula, which one would you opt for? Many parents often have this question in mind before finalizing one for their baby. There are some significant differences between these formulas. The primary reason for choosing European formula is it provides nutrition equal to that of breast milk and it is made of 99% organic ingredients. You don’t have to worry about feeding toxic preservatives  to your baby which are usually found in the conventional baby formulas in this stands as a point of difference between both the formulas. Parents prefer European formulas because it offers the option of goat milk which is easier to digest and suitable for infants. There are plenty of reasons to love European baby formulas. This is why we decided to list out a few of them to help you make a better decision. 

European baby formula resembles breast milk

Breast milk contains lactose which is equally present in European baby formula. These formulas also contain whey protein which is a significant ingredient since the base of cow milk is identical to the breast milk protein. The quantity of palm oil in European formulas is less compared to that of American ones. The European formulas also contain prebiotics and probiotics which are present in breastmilk as well. The polyunsaturated acids DHA and ARA are also included in the European formula that promotes better eye and brain health. 

European formulas are healthier 

The lactose makes the milk taste sweet There is no artificial sweetener added in the European milk formula. Whereas in the American milk formulas, sweeteners are refined and often unhealthy. The European brands use organic and healthier ingredients which meet the standard requirements. The European baby formulas are healthier and eliminate your worries about the baby’s health.  

European baby formulas do not contain certain ingredients 

The European Commission does not allow the manufacturers to add corn syrup, glucose, fructose, table sugar, carrageenan, and rice sugar. The European baby formulas include lactose and maltodextrin to sweeten their milk. Lactose provides carbohydrates which are both healthy and sweet for the babies while Maltodrextin quickly surpasses through the digestive system in small doses and is used as a sweetener. The formulas are tested by the baby formula expert before supplying it to the consumers and there are  Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines they have to meet with. These formulas are also free from pesticides and additives. 

European formulas have manufacturing guidelines 

In comparison to American formula, the European baby formula standards are more advanced. The manufacturing guidelines of the E.U include the use of carbohydrates, energy, fats, minerals, vitamins, and proteins.  The Commission directive dictates that all infant and follow-on formula makers ensure that there is no detection of any inappropriate ingredient. The same directive also checks for hygiene, food additives, contaminants, and any product that comes into the formula ingredients. 

European formulas are completely organic 

Europe practices Biodynamic organic farming. The entire process is natural and involves the use of soil, seeds, plants, and farmers. No pesticides and additives are used in the soil in the planting process. Even the use of genetic modifications of plants and animals (GMO’s) and processing practices of ingredients are prohibited. These formulas have a ‘Demeter’ certified label in the back which indicates its production is done completely on the ‘Biodynamic Organic farms.

The language could be a problem because the formula is developed in many regions. For e.g, if it is a German baby formula the ingredients would be written in German or English. You will have to translate it to identify the ingredients that are present inside. There are various stages of European formulas which means you can continue feeding it to your baby after 6 months. 

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