Merries baby diapers where established in 1983 in Japan.  When parents were looking for a soft yet breathable diaper that would be less irritating to their babies skin, Merries was born.  Merries has a very unique design allows air to pass through while absorbing pee. 

A traditional diaper is typically rough on the skin and not breathable.  When a baby urinates, the humidity in the diaper is at 80%, like a tropical rainforest! It's no wonder why babies are so prone to diaper rash.  Merries diapers, breath exceptionally well so diaper rash can be a thing of the past.  

How abosorabant of the polymers in Merries diapers? 


A newborn baby's skin is only half the thickness of an adult's skin — so thin and delicate.

Merries has 3 manufacturing plants in Japan with some of the most high tech manufacturing machines in the world, with well regulated quality control checks throughout the entire process that the diaper is made.