In 2013, our son was 6 months old and ready to transition to formula.  We never thought it would be such a horrific time.  Our son was never happy.  He had reflux, constipation one minute, diarrhea the next, severely colicky and he would just cry and cry and cry.  He would never sleep & I was desperate.  We tried multiple formulas and nothing made him better.  I spent days researching online about formulas and came across a European website.  I learned about how simple the ingredients were, how easy they were to digest and how much better babies did on it.  At the time, nobody else was selling this formula so we imported it in bulk from Europe & within a day, our son was happy again.  He not only loved his milk, but he was finally thriving.  When we told everyone about what we experienced, they asked us to share!   So we did, and that's when we grew our business to serve parents all over the United States.  

 Why are European Formulas different?

  • Simple Limited Ingredients
  • No GMO's
  • No Added Sugars or Corn Syrup
  • No Carageenan
  • No pesticides
  • No hormones

European formulas are easier to digest!  In American formulas you will find many unnesscerry ingredients that cause complications in the digestive process which then result to many of the common issues you find in babies today such as colic, gas, acid reflux, constipation, diarrhea and excessive spit up.  Many American formulas are made mostly from sugar in the form of corn syrup.  Children become addicted to sugars before they can even crawl!  There are a lot of synthetic scary ingredients in American formulas that are banned in the European nation.  

Thousands of parents will swear by European formulas, that they are the best formulas in the world.  Not only because of the purity of the ingredients, but because they see a difference in their children.  

How Do I Pick A Formula?

Picking a formula can be tricky or easy, it really depends on how your baby tolerates formula.

If your infant has been accepting formula's such as Earths Best, Baby's Only or Similac but may be a little gassy, fussy, constipated or have diarrhea.  You may want to give Holle formula a try. 

If your baby seems to be extremely fussy on every formula, but isn't allergic to cows milk, give Hipp formula a try.  

If you have a history of cows milk allergies in your family, but your infant is not currently experiencing allergy symptoms, give Nanny Care Goat Milk a try.  

If your baby has acid reflux.  Try out Hipp Anti Reflux

If your baby has a lot of digestive discomfort to the point she can't sleep well, try Hipp Comfort.

How Do The Prices Compare To American Formula?

American Formula can be less expensive depending on the brand you choose.  That is because the quality of the ingredients used can't even compare to those you'll find in European formulas.  European formulas do not contain fillers that make up for a huge portion of formulas found in America. 

Brand Price Per Oz
Earths Best $1.08
Happy Baby Organic $1.42
Plum Organics $1.57
Baby's Only $1.69
Enfamil Enspire $1.95


These prices are before our bulk discount pricing! Buy in bulk and save up to 10% more!

 Brand Price Per Oz
Holle Stage 1 $1.78
Holle Stage 2/3/4 $1.42
Holle Goat Milk $2.14
Hipp Stage 1/2 $1.42
Hipp Stage 3 $1.74
Nanny Care Goat Milk 1/2/3 $2.11
Lebenswert 1/2/3 $1.47
Hipp Anti Reflux $1.81
Hipp Comfort $1.81

About The Formulas:



Since 1933, Holle has been producing the highest quality baby formulas in Europe.  The formulas are certified with demeter organics which is the highest organic certification in the world. It goes beyond the soil to how the animals are treated in milk production.  The formulas have been carefully created to meet the needs of infants, yet remain easy to digest & contain limited ingredients.  The milk is from grass fed cows and the maltodextrin ensures your baby will have less tummy troubles from the limited amounts of lactose.  Maltodextrin is used to give formula a less "sweet" taste to encourage your baby to stay away from that sweet tooth.  There is no synthetic DHA/ARA, instead you'll find natural Omega 3 & 6 oils for brain growth. 

We currently sell Holle in both English & German boxes.  Holle manufactures formula for many different countries and every country has a different regulation as far as nutrients and age range goes.  This is why you will find Holle in the USA, our FDA requires ingredients such as soy which Holle will not add to their formulas.  
English & German boxes are identical.  The only difference is the Stage 2 in German is for babies 6-10 months and Stage 3 is for 10- 12 months.  There is also a Stage 4 for babies 12 months+.  English boxes have 3 stages with the stage 3 being for babies 12 months +.  However, the stage 3 English is the same as the stage 3 German. 

Holle also has a Goat Milk formula which is extremely popular.  We carry both English & German holle.  Same ingredients in both which slight variations in the nutritional facts.

View Holle products here.



Hipp is a popular formula in England thats produced in Germany.  It is in most grocery stores.  The UK version that we carry is starch free.  Starch is a filler and doesn't give your baby the full nutrients she requires.  Hipp has been producing quality organic formulas since the 1940's.  The formulas are certified organic thru EU organics.  There are added prebiotics that can help with digestion for babies with sensitive stomachs. Where as probiotics contain live bacteria, prebiotics help stimulate your babies normal flora. Prebiotics are nondigestible nutrients that the bacteria in your intestines use as an energy source. reports that prebiotics may have a role in treating diarrhea, normalizing bowel function, reducing irritable bowel problems and boosting your baby's immune system  Hipp has over 50 years of breastmilk studies to find a formulation that is close to breastmilk and easy to digest.  

Hipp has 3 stages.  Stage 1 does not contain soy, Stage 2 & 3 do contain soy.  The stage 3 formulas has 40 times more iron then cows milk to meet your toddlers growing needs.  Stage 1 has Omega 3 & 6 for brain growth.  

Hipp also makes a Hypoallergenic formula for babies that are prone to allergies and this formula may help reduce the onset of allergies in the future.  And a Anti-Reflux formula with locust bean, proven to keep acid reflux to a minimum.  They also make a Comfort formula for babies with extreme gas pains due to dairy intolerance. None of these formulas are certified organic but do not contain any GMOS.

View Hipp products here

Lebenswert is a brand under Holle.  The formulas are made from Bioland Organic certified ingredients and hold the same standards as Holle formulas.  The only difference is the Stage 1 formula will not contain Maltodextrin, which some parents really like!  And the stage 2 & 3 formulas contain starch, which some parents feel keeps their baby more satisfied between meals.  

View Lebenswert products here.


Nanny care is a terrific Goats Milk formula produced from New Zealand goats, first created over 30 years ago.  It is a very popular choice for goat milk formula fed babies.  NANNYcare is the only goat milk formula worldwide to have been tested extensively in randomized double-blind clinical trials (1 - Grant et al 2005, 2 - Zhou et al 2014). The results led to the recent amendment to the EU and UK Regulations to finally recognize goat milk as a suitable base in infant formula.

There is no maltodextrin, DHA/ARA or Palm oil in Nanny Care Formulas.  They do contain the needed Omega Oils for brain growth.  Nanny Care comes in 3 stages and is suitable for toddlers up to 3 years of age.  The formula is based on whole goats milk and has no added whey.  

Why pick a goats milk?

  • Is an excellent source of high quality, readily digestible proteins.
  • Forms looser, softer and more porous curds in the baby’s stomach.
    (This is particularly helpful to the baby’s delicate developing digestive system.)
  • Has a casein profile which is closer to human milk (than cow’s milk).
  • Has high levels of medium-chain fatty acids.
  • Has high levels of nucleotides
  • Around the world more people drink goat milk than cow’s milk.
  • In the UK, goat milk is now one of Britain’s fastest growing dairy products. Consumers are rediscovering the benefits recognised for centuries throughout the world.
  • Goats are very particular about what they eat and, contrary to popular belief, will refuse unnatural and poor quality food.
  • Goats are much more fun than cows! They are playful and friendly and love human contact while providing us with a quality product that people really want.

View Nanny Care Formulas here.


 Comparison Chart

Brand Stage Package Language Milk Type Price Per Oz Reduced Lactose (Maltodextrin)
Holle 1 German Cows $1.78


Holle 2 German Cows $1.42


Holle 3 German Cows $1.42


Holle  4 German Cows $1.42 Yes
Holle 1 English Cows $1.78 Yes
Holle 2 English Cows $1.42


Holle 3 English Cows $1.42 Yes
Holle 1 German Goat $2.14 Yes
Holle 2 German Goat $2.14 Yes
Holle 3 German Goat $2.14 Yes
Holle 1 English Goat $2.14 Yes
Holle 2 English Goat $2.14 Yes
Holle 3 English Goat $2.14 Yes
Hipp 1 English Cows $1.42 No
Hipp 2 English Cows $1.42 No
Hipp 3 English Cows $1.72 No
Hipp Anti Reflux German Cows $1.81 No
Hipp Comfort German Cows $1.81 No
Hipp Hypoallergenic 1 German Cows $2.15 No
Hipp Hypoalergenic 2 German Cows $2.15 No
Nanny Care 1 English Goats $2.11 No
Nanny Care 2 English Goats $2.11 No
Nanny Care  3 English Goats $2.11 No
Lebesnwert 1 German Cows $1.47 No
Lebenswert 2 German Cows $1.47 Yes
Lebenswert 3 German Cows $1.47 Yes


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