In addition to oatmeal, there is a whole lot more! And to combine this variety in such a way that the basis for a strong muesli or a delicate porridge is created - that is our favorite task! The right mixture for every flake fan!

Bohlsener Mühle was establish in 1979 and  is 100% organically made products from North Germany.  Only natural herbs and spices are used along with whole grains, never anything artificial.  Bohlsener makes their products from start to finish.  They make their organic products themselves, thus having a creative influence on all production techniques and systematically adapting them to ecological requirements - in their our own mill, in their own fresh bakery and on their own baking line.  


Ingredients: Whole grain flakes * (OATS *, SPELLED *, Quinoa *).

contains the following allergenic ingredients: gluten

* controlled organic cultivation
This list of ingredients corresponds to a full declaration in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Association of Natural Food and Natural Goods.


Bohlsener Muhle Organic Porridge Warm & Cozy 3 Flake Mix (125g)

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