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Hipp Organic Anti Reflux is a thickened formula for the management of reflux and regurgitation.  It is thickened with carob bean gum which is a natural ingredient. In addition, the English version of Anti Reflux contains combiotic which is a combination of Omega 3 LCPS & Omega 6 LCPS. 

Helpful Tips:

-Use a single hole fast flow nipple
-Use only the scoop provided
-Do not make the formula weaker or stronger by adding extra water or scoops
-Always prepare a fresh bottle & discard after 2 hours
-Due to the presence of natural thickener carob bean gum, your babies stools may become softer, this is normal

Each box contains 2 400g sachets.  Use opened sachet within 3 weeks of opening.  

 Ingredients: Organic skimmed milk, Organic Whey Partially Demineralized, Organic vegetable oils (organic pal oil, organic rapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil), Organic maltodextrin, Thickener: Carob Bean Gum, Organic Lactose, Minerals (calcium carbonate, calcium chloride, calcium orthophates, potassium chloride, Zinc sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Magnesium carbonate, Sodium chloride, copper lysine complex, potassium iodate, sodium selenate, manganese sulphate), LCP oils (fish oil, vegetable oil from Mobrtierella alphina), vitamins (vitamin c, niacin, vitamin E, panthenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin K, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, folic acid, vitamin D, biotin, vitamin12), L-tyrosine,L-phenylalanine,  stabilizer lactic acid, L-tryptopahn. 


Hipp Organic Anti Reflux (AR) Combiotic English Box Baby Infant Formula (800g) 0 months+ *damaged box*
$41.00 $43.00

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