HiPP Cereal with fruits is a porridge made mostly from whole grains of wheat, oats, rye and barley. We add 59% in fruit: applesauce and natural banana. Its ingredients are carefully selected and come from organic crops.
Biological HiPP Cereals with fruits is indicated from the 6th month

Made with whole grain cereals, not dextrinized
Our cereals are made with whole grain cereals, which provide a higher nutritional value than other refined cereals, as well as a complex composition of carbohydrates so that glucose is released more slowly and the baby does not have sudden increases in his blood level , thus ensuring stable energy values.
At HiPP we do not carry out the dextrination process, which consists of breaking complex, long-chain carbohydrates into smaller pieces, many of them, sugars that become part of the product.
Thanks to NOT dextrinating the cereals during the manufacturing process, HiPP porridges contain a practically non-existent amount of sugars in their composition (less than 1g per 100g), only those naturally present are found. Thus the baby does not accustom her palates to extremely sweet foods during the introduction of new foods.

Ingredients: Fruits * 59% (applesauce *, banana puree *), whole grains * 41% (whole wheat flour *, whole oat flakes *, whole rye flour *, whole barley flour *), vitamin B1. * of biological production. It contains gluten. Without lactose. Does not contain traces of milk.

Hipp Cereal Porridge With Fruit (600g) 6 months+

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