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HiPP German Stage 2 Combiotic Follow-on Infant Milk Formula is a gentle formula option for babies who are at least six months old. Babies love this delicious lactose-based formula, which contains the same organic and nutritious ingredients as HiPP German Stage 1, making it easy for babies to transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2. HiPP German Stage 2 is also a great choice to use as a supplement to breast milk.

HiPP German Stage 2 contains higher quantities of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients than the Stage 1 formula. It’s uniquely formulated to meet the complex needs of older babies, including those who have begun eating solid foods.

HiPP German Stage 2 features high-quality organic ingredients such as organic skim milk, whey, starch, and a blend of vegetable oils. There’s no gluten, maltodextrin, refined sugar, or corn syrup in this formula, and it’s completely free from GMO ingredients, synthetic preservatives, and synthetic nutrients.

To help strengthen your baby’s gut microbiome and immune system, HiPP German Stage 2 contains both prebiotics and probiotics, in the form of galacto-oligosaccharides derived from lactose and lactic acid bacteria cultures similar to those found in breast milk. HiPP German features the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid DHA, which promotes the healthy development of the brain, eyes, and nervous system in infants.

Manufactured and packaged in Germany, this formula meets or exceeds all of the European Union’s requirements for organic certification, which are much stricter than organic standards in the United States.

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