AGE: 10 Months +

YIELD: Approximately 125oz of Formula

HiPP Goodnight 10 Months & Up is intended for babies between 10 and 12 months of age and is designed to be utilized as the last bottle of the day, before going to sleep. During the day, for normal 10-12 month old babies, we recommend a mixed diet incorporating solids and a standard, age-appropriate stage 3 formula. Do not use this follow-on milk as a substitute for formula during the day or, at any time, for babies under 6 months of age.  Remember that you should try to reduce or eliminate the use of bottles in the evening to avoid tooth decay and damage resulting from extended use of bottles.

HiPP Goodnight 10 Months & Up is a follow-on milk, which through its special composition, is ideally suited for the last feeding of the day, prior to sleeping. This follow-on milk contains selected organic grains and is, consequently, beautifully creamy.    It is, thus, ideal as part of your little one’s going-to-bed routine and may help you to get a bit more overnight sleep out of your baby with the extra carbohydrate content. HiPP Goodnight fulfills EU laws and requirements for follow-on milk, with age-appropriate levels of vitamins and minerals, which, in conjunction with solid foods, your baby requires for healthy growth. 

Ingredients: 70% organic follow-on milk containing: organic whey product, organic skimmed milk powder, vegetable oils (sustainably produced palm oil, organic rapeseed oil, organic sunflower oil), organic maltodextrin, vitamin C, iron sulphate, zink sulphate, vitamin E, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B1, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, potassium iodate, copper sulphate, sodium selenite, folic acid, vitamin K, vitamin D, biotin), 19% wholemeal oat flour, organic cornstarch, calcium carbonate.

SKU: OF00044-01
Hipp Goodnight Milk German (500g) 10 months+

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