Biscuits may be broken apart/ they easily crumble

These HiPP Baby Biscuits are made from certified organic ingredients and production. They are ideal snacks or meal compliments. Designed with children in mind, they fit perfectly in small hands for comfort and taste delicious. Suitable for children older than 6 months.

  • Can be crumbled into boiled milk or fruit juice.
  • Crispy and soft texture, great for new teeth.
  • No GMOs, Artificial Flavors, Colors or Preservatives.
  • Contains Gluten and Dairy.

Ingredients: Wheat flour *, sugar *, wheat starch *, vegetable oils * (palm *, sunflower *), skim milk powder *, dough matrix potassium hydrogen carbonate, bourbon vanilla extract, thiamine hydrochloride.

Note: Contains eggs, sesame, nuts.

* From organic farms

100 g of energy and nutritional value: 1880kJ / 446kcal; 7.2 g of protein; 74.7 g of carbohydrates containing 22.6 g sugar; 12.7 g of fat with saturated fatty acids 5.3 g; 2.2 g of fiber; <0.05 g of salt; <0.02 g sodium; 0.8 mg of vitamin B1.

Hipp Organic Baby's Biscuit (150g) 6 months+

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