HiPP Organic Mini Mix Muesli Fruit Bar (100g) 12 months+

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  • from the first year of life
  • especially fruity-soft Müesli fruit bars
  • sweetened only with fruit and in proven HiPP organic quality
  • Mini bars are individually wrapped so they stay fresh and fruity for a long time
  • ideal as a dessert or for in between meals
  • with two different flavors: Apple-Aronia and Peach-Grape.

For a special treat in between meals and on the go

For the first time, the HiPP Fruit Muesli Bites Mini Mix Pack offers little ones aged 1 and over two varieties in a mixed bag: Apple-Aronia and Peach-Grape. The small 10g bars are perfect as a snack on the go, at kindergarten or just for in between.


  • Contains cereals containing gluten and cereal products containing gluten
  • Contains oats and oat products
  • May contain traces of peanuts and peanut derivatives
  • May contain traces of milk and milk derivatives
  • May contain traces of nuts and nut derivatives. (May include almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, etc.)
  • May contain traces of soybean and soybean derivatives.


Peach Grape: FULL GRAIN OAT FLOUR*28%, banana flakes*, FULL GRAIN OAT FLOUR*18%, mild apple juice concentrate 14%*, sunflower oil*, grape juice concentrate*6%, peach juice concentrate*4%.

Apple-Aronie: FULL GRAIN OAT FLOUR* 28%, banana flakes*, mild apple juice concentrate* 20%, FULL GRAIN OAT FLOUR 18%*, sunflower oil*, aronia juice concentrate 2.3%*, sour cherry juice concentrate*.

*From organic production.

Bars may contain traces of MILK, PEANUTS, SOY and SHELL FRUITS.


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