Hipp Organic 100% Multi Grain Baby Cereal (200g) 6 months+

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HiPP Multi Grain Organic Baby Cereal 200 G From 6 Month

Suitable for children from the age of 6 months. 

  • vitamin B1* - supports the nervous system
  • valuable, easily digestible cereal (contains gluten)

* as required by law

What HiPP leaves out:

  • milk
  • added sugars* or salt
  • added flavouring
  • calouring agents**
  • added preservatives

* sugars naturally occur in the ingredients

** as required by law

Ingredients: 88% wholemeal cereal * (wholemeal oat flour *, wholemeal wheat flour *, wholemeal barley flour *, wholemeal spelt flour *, wholemeal rye flour *), wheat semolina *, vitamin B1. 

* from organic production

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