Holle Organic Stage 4 Organic Cows Milk Baby Infant Formula (600g) 12 months+ *damaged box*

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Damaged Box

Holle Cow Milk Stage 4- German Box

Can Size: 600g
Servings Per Box: 42.5-3oz Bottles
Country Of Manufacturer: German
How To Prepare:  Video

Storage: Use open container within 2 weeks.  Do not expose to moisture or heat.  

Use:  Holle Organics Stage 4 Cows Milk Baby Infant Formula is made from 99% organically grown ingredients. The milk used in the formula comes from  grass fed cows raised on biodynamic (Demeter) farms in caring and appropriate environments. Grazing our cows on lush biodynamic fields and pastures is the reason for the superior quality of the milk used in Holle premium baby food. Demeter farmers avoid the painful dehorning of cows. The remaining 1% of ingredients are vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your baby's developmend. Instant preparation, ready in minutes. Just add boiled water and shake well.

Ingredients: Skimmed milk**, whey powder* partly demineralised, vegetable oils* (palm oil*, rapeseed oil*, sunflower oil*), skimmed milk powder**, starch*, maltodextrin*, vitamin C, calcium phosphate, ferrous lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulphate, niacin, calcium-D-pantothenate, copper sulphate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulphate, vitamin B2, potassic iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, vitamin D.*from organic farming**from biodynamic farming


Nutrition Facts per 100 g per 100 ml (3.38oz)
Energy 2013 kJ / 481 kcal
282 kJ / 67 kcal (19.82 cal)
Total Fat 20.5 g 2.9 g
Saturates 7.2 g 1.0 g
Monounsaturates 9.0 g 1.3 g
Polyunsaturates 4.3 g 0.6 g
Salts 500 mg 70 mg
Sodium 200 mg 30 mg
Potassium 570 mg 80 mg
Total Carbohydrate 60.1 g 8.4 g
Sugars 42.9 g 6.0 g
Starch 12.1 g 1.7 g
Fiber 0 g 0 g
Protein 13.7 g 1.9 g
Vitamin A 507 μg 71 μg
Vitamin D 9.5 μg 1.3 μg
Vitamin E 13 mg 1.8 mg
Vitamin K 70 μg 9.8 μg
Vitamin C 88 mg 12 mg
Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 0.7 mg 0.1 mg
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) 1.4 mg 0.2 g
Niacin 4.5 mg 0.6 mg
Vitamin B6 0.4 mg 0.06 mg
Folic Acid 189 μg 26 μg
Vitamin B12 1.7 μg 0.2 μg
Biotin 15 μg 2.1 μg
Pantothenic Acid 4.7 mg 0.7 mg
Chloride 358 mg 50 mg
Calcium 605 mg 85 mg
Phosphorus 345 mg 48 mg
Magnesium 57 mg 8.0 mg
Iron 7.3 mg 1.0 mg
Zinc 4.8 mg 0.7 mg
Copper 0.3 mg 0.05 mg
Manganese 0.12 mg 0.015 mg
Fluoride 0.04 mg 0.005 mg
Selenium 14 μg 2.0 μg
Iodine 136 μg 19 μg

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