Holle Organic 3 Grain Baby Cereal (250g)6 months+
Ingredients: Wholegrain rice* 70%, wholegrain corn** 20%, wholegrain millet* 10%), Vitamin B1 (required by law).
* organically grown

Holle Organic Baby Muesli Cereal Porridge (250g) 6 months+
Ingredients: Wholegrain wheat flakes** 82 %, wholegrain oat flakes** 7 %, banana fruit powder* 6 %, raspberry flakes* 3 % (raspberry purée*, rice flour*), apple pieces* 2 %, vitamin B1  (required by EU law)
*from organic farming 
**from biodynamic farming (Demeter quality)

Holle Organic Millet Cereal (250g) 4 months+
Wholegrain millet flour* 75 %, wholegrain rice flour* 25 %, vitamin B1
* from biodynamic farming

Holle Organic Rice Cereal (4-6 months+) 250g
Ingredients: Whole grain rice, Vitamin B1

Holle Organic Rolled Oats Haferflocken Cereal Porridge (4-6 months+) 250g
Ingredients: Wholegrain oat flour*, vitamin B1 (required by EU law)

Holle Organic Semolina Cereal (4-6 months+) 250g
Ingredients: Wholegrain SEMOLINA flour,** Vitamin B1 (required by law).

Holle Organic Spelt Cereal (250g) 6 months+

Ingredients: Wholegrain spelt flour*, vitamin B1 (required by EU law)

Holle Organic Fruit Porridge Banana-Semolina (250g) 6 months+
Ingredientsdemeter wholegrain wheat flakes** 50%, banana purée* 50%,  thiamin (required by EU law)

 Holle Organic Maize Cereal with Tapioca (250g) 4 months+
Ingredients: Maize flour* 74%, wholegrain rice flour* 17%, tapioca* 9%, thiamin (required by law)
*from organic agriculture 

 Holle Organic Milk Cereal with Bananas (250g) 6 months+
Ingredients: demeter wholegrain wheat flour** 34 %, whey powder* partly demineralised 21 %, skimmed milk powder* 16,2 %, palm oil*, dehydrated banana pulp* 8,5 %, maltodextrin*, calcium carbonate, vitamin A, thiamin, vitamin D

Hungry Baby Cereal Pack x 10 Boxes ( 4-6 months+)

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