Organix Black Current & Apple Fruit Stars (12g) 12 months+

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Bursting with fruity flavour and 100% organic fruit, our Blackcurrant & Apple Gummies are a healthy fruit snack so tasty and sweet! Plus, they’re in fun star fruit shapes for even more of a treat!

Each fruit gummy is jam packed with real blackcurrant and apple puree and juice to make healthy gummy fruit snacks for kids lunchboxes and toddlers on the go. Suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and contain absolutely no artificial colours or flavours - they’re naturally delicious! That’s the No Junk promise!

Our Organic Ingredients
Apple juice concentrate 63.5%
Apple puree concentrate 21.3%
Blackcurrent puree 12%
Rice flour* 2.0%
Gelling agent (pectin)** 0.7%
Sunflower oil *** 0.5%
Total 100%
*A dusting of organic rice flour is used to prevent stickiness
**Gelling agent (pectin) has no organic certification.
***A tiny amount of organic sunflower oil is used in moulding

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