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Gorgeous girls necklace.  Made with a strong stretchy pull resistant cord & durable beads.  Give your little missy a little dazzle with these fun cute necklaces for everyday wear or special occasions.  Hand made.  

Each necklace comes in a pretty white box for your angel. 

Madelyn's Story:

At 1 year of age, Madelyn would point to mom's jewelry box and say "pretty".  Upon opening the box every time, her eyes would get big & she would ask to wear the jewelry.  She would spend hours in the jewelry box trying on each piece.  After many broken necklaces we realized that Madelyn needed her own necklaces that wouldn't break if she pulled on them hard.  We began designing necklaces with toddlers in mind & that's how Madelyn's story begins.  Madelyn can spot a necklace across the room and she will point and promptly say "pretty!" and will pitch a fit until she's given the necklace to wear.  Our necklaces are for older toddlers who are no longer teething or young girls that enjoy a little sparkle in their day.  Each is made with love, by Madelyn. 


Please use caution when giving jewelry to young children.  Always make sure your child is supervised when wearing jewelry.  Be aware of a choking hazard.  


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